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FREE Thanksgiving DRY CALLS!

Written by Scott Herrold. Posted in Uncategorized

Traditional English roast with Yorkshire pudding & summer vegHere’s some DRY Thanksgiving calls you can use in your imaging or voice trax. If you’re doing a live show, the dry calls are great call starters to get your listeners calling.

Download the calls here!

Download the file HERE (Right click “SAVE AS”)

Download the file HERE (Right click “SAVE AS”)

Download the file HERE (Right click “SAVE AS”)


*If you want more DRY calls like this, click our SIGN UP page and join CreativeCardio.com! We keep them in our DRY CALLS page. It’s only $35 per month for a solo membership in the CreativeCardio.com community!! We also have a team show rate too!

Pledge Drive Brainstorm – FREE!

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wednesday-brainstorm-longWe’re hosting a CreativeCardio.com group brainstorm call THIS WEDNESDAY 9/28 at 1:30 Eastern/10:30 Pacific time to talk about creative angles for pledge drive!

This is FREE to anyone. (You don’t have to be a Creative Cardio member)

Bring your ideas for framing compelling stories & starting breaks strong! We’ll talk about storytelling and the way we make our breaks about the work God is doing in our listeners lives over the money funding. Brian Sanders from PAR will share some ideas too!

Call in number is: 712-775-7031

Access code: 624771597

-Scott & Jayar

The Why Behind Our Pledge Drive

Written by Scott Herrold. Posted in Uncategorized

megaphoneThis year I want to help my listeners better comprehend the reason “why” our radio station exists. Our “why” is different than every other media option our listeners engage with. I want to help our listeners visualize where we’re going. I want to better frame the WHY behind what we are doing.

I think about the way Dr. Martin Luther King shared his dream for what our country could look like. He didn’t say “we need to do this” or “you need to change” or “people need to stop doing.” He simply cast a dream and invited America into it.

Some of the most compelling pledge drive breaks actually cast vision for the listener. Here’s a few ideas you could use to share a dream for what God could do through your radio community.

I want tone a part of something that is really changing lives
I want to be part of something that encourages others
I want to be part of something that challenges our kids (or my kids)
I want to be a part of the solution and not the problem.
I want to see a revival in our city.
I want to see a shift in our culture
I want to encourage others
I want to challenge the next generation to really step up & shine a light (or shine their light for God)
I want to see God do even more in this city!
I want to be a part of the change.
I want to see my money go farther than my own resource
I want to be a part of the solution
I want to build into the solution
I want to help make this city a better place to live
I want to see more Christians doing real art
I want to build something that will be here for my children
I want to connect with Christian music on my iPhone
I want to reach people in cities that don’t have Christian radio…
I want to reach people in some of the darkest countries of the world with the hope of Jesus
I want to help bring the churches together in this city
I want to see my church grow
I want to be a light in the darkness
I want to help be the ‘shift’ that our culture needs
I want to invest in something that others are also investing in.
Our desire is to share the hope of Jesus with even more people this year.
To bring even more family friendly events to this city
To connect more people with local churches, because we believe the church is the hope of the world
To encourage even more people to make God’s world their moral and spiritual foundation
To challenge you to love generously
To challenge your kids to life boldly for Christ
We desire to see a new generation of children growing up with Christian music
I would love to see more businesses & charity groups challenge the people in our city to move to solve more local problems
We want to see our kids singing worship music in the car
We want to help churches grow in our city
We want to give even more people a place to plug in with
We want to share news and information from a Christian perspective
We want to connect you into a community that challenges your relationship with God and with other Christians.
When I give, I feel like I’m part of the solution
When I live generously, money doesn’t have any control over my life
When I give, my money helps the less fortunate right here in town
When I give,  I’m helping to share the hope of Jesus with people who are struggling.
I’m investing in the life change that’s going on behind this radio ministry
I want to see culture shift in our country.
I want to see more people stepping up  in love in our city
I want to be a problem solver. I want to be an organizer. I want to be a world changer.
I want my kids growing up with Christian music because I believe in the power behind it

Creative Cardio FREE For College Students

Written by Scott Herrold. Posted in Uncategorized

CC ToolsIf you are a college student who attended the #CMBMomentum16 Conference, you get a FREE year of Creative Cardio showprep! Email Scott.Herrold@gmail.com to get your login!

We want to help connect you with other creative personalities! We hope this helps your personal growth as you develop as an air talent!

How To Get Our Kids Talking!

Written by Scott Herrold. Posted in Uncategorized

bubble makerWe want to have meaningful conversations with our kids, but when we ask lame questions, we just get one word answers! Ask open ended questions to stimulate a conversation. Have follow up questions ready.  Here’s some examples:

Tell me about the best part of your day.

What’s been the hardest part of this week for you?

Did your brother say anything that made you laugh today? What’s the funniest thing about your mom?

Which friends do you miss most from school?

What’s the biggest difference between this summer and last summer?

Tell me about what you read this week?

What’s the hardest video game we have? (Let’s play it together and maybe I can help!)

Who did you play with today? What did you play? Who won? (Why do you think they always seem to win?

What used up most of your energy today?

What did I promise you this summer that I haven’t delivered on yet?

What rules are different at school than our rules at home? Do you think they’re fair?

What’s on your bucketlist this summer? Give me your top 5!

What do you like most about our neighborhood?

What do you feel that God has been teaching you this week?

Can you show me something you learned (or did) today? (When you see your kid do something well, ask them to teach you how to do it!)

Free Trial Of Creative Cardio!

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CCToolsToday’s special!! Click here for a free trial! 3 quick questions and you are right into all the password protected content!

Creative Cardio is much more than showprep. It’s a series of idea starters. We aren’t about posting the “day in history” or the “latest celebrity gossip” or the “impossible question/trivia.”

We post idea starters that you can take and develop into show topics/bits/stories & discussions that will engage your listeners on a deeper level. As a member of our community, you post ideas that are sparked from the resources, articles & stories we share. It’s a community that perfects ideas and transforms them into unique content. We believe that if you engage in the community at CreativeCardio.com it will develop you into one of the most creative radio personalities in America! Click here to make a trial login for 30 days & dive into all these resources!