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CCToolsBelieve it or not, out of the first 18 years of our child’s life, almost 6 and a half years of that time will be spend in school! That’s over 1/3 of their journey will be outside of our personal care! That challenges me as a parent to brainstorm new ways to supplement my child’s education and do a better job living out my values. It challenges me to make time each day to read with my kids and carve out time for their homework this year. It challenges me to step up and be a better teacher when I do have quality time with my kids.

Like Proverbs says, if “we train up a child in the way he should go, when he’s old he won’t depart from it.” We might not have specific control over each hour of our child’s education, but we do have influence & power when we pray for them each day! As parents we have authority over our family. Let’s make a point this year to exercise that authority in our prayers and our quality time with our kids! We can carve out the time! Let’s make it our back to school challenge! (Just an idea starter as we shift gears into a new season of family schedules and priorities. –Scott


Scott Herrold

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