Archives September 2016 part 2

Request for Mercy Me “Dear younger me”

Based on me loving on Chick Fil A for their Cell phone challenge. Select CFA’s have a box where you can put your cell phone and if you have your meal w/ your family w/o the cell phone you get free icecream

Based on my conversation about my son accidentally bringing fire into the house from the fire pit

New audio from Danny Gokey:
1) Craziest moment from the road into stories about “Tell your heart to beat again” 2) DNA of the song “Rise” coming in January 3) Does the American Idol references ever get annoying?

Bob of reviews the new film “I’m not ashamed”

dry calls- in the 90’s a lot of youth group names could also be roller coaster names… what about 2016 youth groups?

dry calls- how do you respond when they ask you to give a dollar to something at the register?

Britt Nicole on 1) “Through your eyes” 2) “Heart of Stone” 3) Toughest ‘No’ she ever got in her career 4) Whats with this new venture into fashion?

What i learned from cartoons

how do you have Fun for under 5 bucks

What do you have a love/hate relationship with ?

Bob of reviews the new film “Priceless” and more

If your last text was your campaign slogan what would it be?

Kids calling in “If i were president”

Tenth Ave North album is out Friday… here’s audio from the band: Mike and Jeff of 10th Ave North talk about the new album “Followers”. A) New single “I have this hope” B) Biggest and smallest crowd you played for C) whats it feel like having 1000’s of people at a show singing lyrics you wrote years ago? D) Dna of the song “Afraid” off the new album

When you work a menial job, what have you learned about purpose?

Bob of reviews the new film Birth Of A Nation

Let’s play a game. The last text message you sent automatically becomes your campaign slogan for president, what is it?

Here are some dry calls about “Things You Learned by Watching YouTube”!

Michael W Smith on the following: 1) After all these years do you still enjoy the road and the stage? 2) The part of being a grandparent that is better than the brochure made it out to be?”

dry calls- what makes the greatest taco in the world?

What do you look forward to in October? DRY CALLS

Chris and jOdi of Love and the Outcome on “The God i know”

Bob of w/ a PRODUCED review of the new film Queen Of Katwe

Chris and Jodi from Love and the Outcome on A) Goods and bads of working with a spouse B)the song “These are the days” C)Things you miss about Canada and the things in the US that Canada is missing out on

Dry calls- What is your super bowl? You look forward to it every year?