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Morning Show Personality/Program Director/Creative Ninja at SOS Radio in Vegas.

Time Is Money

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Creative Cardio is part showprep, part jock community & part brainstorm. This website is a collection if idea starters with a giant think tank behind them! This site will save your lots of time!

We start by sharing idea starters each day. Then our brilliant members share their own angles that develop from the original raw idea. It’s really unique!

Each idea starter, each dry call & each story posted give multiple layers of on air angles. The entire purpose of is to challenge and focus our on air creativity. Plug in and try for FREE for a month! Click here and enter an email address and we will send you a password right away! It will change the way you showprep and save you a TON of time!

Let’s Remember Our Impact

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I had an interview with a national author the other day. He shared in our conversation that he “was a bit nervous, and that he prepped for an hour for his interview on my show.” He he mentioned reviewing his notes in the car, reading through some of my blogs yesterday and praying over what he should share on our show last night.

Being featured on a radio show is a BIG deal to him. He understands that he has an opportunity to really connect with people when he’s on the radio. He understands that he can encourage, share and  challenge people when he is on the radio for 7 measly minutes.

We forget about our impact sometimes. We throw away our words and waste our listener’s time with so much fluff. Let’s challenge & encourage our listeners today. Let’s look for better ways to add to their life and step out our game.

Don’t Let Anything Steal Your Time

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Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” -M Scott Peck

Protect your time when you are on the air or the clock will own you! Don’t write memos or promos. Don’t fill out NCAA brackets.  Don’t respond to listener complaints until after your show.

Listen to the words in your songs. Listen to the person on the request line. Engage & connect with what your listener is saying. Live life along side them. Think about new ways to frame your story! Focus on things that will actually engage your listener when you are in the studio. Make your show your priority. You are in show business, and the show is what your listener remembers first.

Radio OR Digital vs Radio AND Digital

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Scott Herrold

Many think the future of radio is the digital dashboard in a car. Some think it’s an app, an FM radio cell phone chip or a website where you can skip songs. It’s not radio OR digital. It’s radio AND digital!

As radio personalities, we need more of a holistic approach. The digital dashboard is just one piece of the pie. I don’t think radio transmitters are going away anytime soon, but we do need to pay attention to the way tablet & smartphone use has boomed. Tablets & mobile can be additional distribution channels for our show. Digital can enhance what we do on the radio! We can re-purpose our audio pretty easily. Let’s brainstorm & innovate around that. Let’s look for ways to use digital and radio to connect listeners with God and with other Christians. Let’s set our own course as a CCM industry rather than simply follow what Clear Channel, Cumulus & CBS are doing with digital. Sure we’re going to use their tools when they help enhance our company’s vision, but we don’t have the same mission they do. Let’s build a strategy that’s really centered around our love for our listeners.

I want to reach more people with the Gospel & the hope Jesus provides. I’m consistently looking for more distribution & connection options that will help our radio station reach people where they already are… and look forward to where they are going.

I think Christian radio has a competitive advantage right now. We actually have a mission behind what we are doing. Our mission trumps ad dollars, sales clients and ratings. The heart behind Christian radio is to reflect Jesus and help listeners connect with him. For most mainstream companies, generating a profit is the sole reason the radio station exists. With that said, our format really is about creating genuine content, personally connecting with listeners and building/facilitating community.

 Christian radio is naturally more listener focused than any other format because of the mission behind it. Let’s think about how to use technology to make that relationship even deeper.


Scott Herrold is the Program Director & Morning Show Host for SOS Radio. (It’s a network of 35+ radio stations.) He was named one of Radio’s Best Program Directors by Radio Ink this year. He’s worked in both Christian & mainstream radio and he’s one of the founders of Edison Media Research also listed Scott as one of Radio’s 30 Under 30 Shining stars two different times.

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Big Opportunities For Radio

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Last week, Radio Ink published a story about how major car companies could pull AM/FM radio from their new car designs within the next to years. The good news is that General Motors & Ford are listening. They responded saying they generally do plan to keep AM/FM in their cars.

I was at that Convergence Digital Media Conference in Silicon Valley and there was a great discussion on stage with reps from the auto companies talking about how AM/FM radio could drastically change in the future with IP based audio. I do not believe radio is dead, but I think there’s some BIG things that we need to be aware of as we develop our strategy for the next 5 years. Click here for the my thoughts.

Surviving The Slump

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If you work at Starbucks and botch a few drinks because you have other things on your mind, a few people will have over paid for your mediocre work.

At Home Depot, you may get a talking to from the boss and a few customers will wonder ‘what’s up with this guy?’ Maybe a few boxes were stored in the wrong over hang compartment.

On the radio, our bad days get observed by thousands upon thousands.

Reality is, we are humans that have arguments with our spouses. We may fret over money. Insecure days happen. Internal discord around the office may take place. “What am I doing with my life days” hit you before a mic ever gets turned on. So now what? Take a sick day?

Be free to acknowledge that today may not be your day to secure your Marconi award.

Own it. (Click HERE for the full article)