Radio OR Digital vs Radio AND Digital

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Scott Herrold

Many think the future of radio is the digital dashboard in a car. Some think it’s an app, an FM radio cell phone chip or a website where you can skip songs. It’s not radio OR digital. It’s radio AND digital!

As radio personalities, we need more of a holistic approach. The digital dashboard is just one piece of the pie. I don’t think radio transmitters are going away anytime soon, but we do need to pay attention to the way tablet & smartphone use has boomed. Tablets & mobile can be additional distribution channels for our show. Digital can enhance what we do on the radio! We can re-purpose our audio pretty easily. Let’s brainstorm & innovate around that. Let’s look for ways to use digital and radio to connect listeners with God and with other Christians. Let’s set our own course as a CCM industry rather than simply follow what Clear Channel, Cumulus & CBS are doing with digital. Sure we’re going to use their tools when they help enhance our company’s vision, but we don’t have the same mission they do. Let’s build a strategy that’s really centered around our love for our listeners.

I want to reach more people with the Gospel & the hope Jesus provides. I’m consistently looking for more distribution & connection options that will help our radio station reach people where they already are… and look forward to where they are going.

I think Christian radio has a competitive advantage right now. We actually have a mission behind what we are doing. Our mission trumps ad dollars, sales clients and ratings. The heart behind Christian radio is to reflect Jesus and help listeners connect with him. For most mainstream companies, generating a profit is the sole reason the radio station exists. With that said, our format really is about creating genuine content, personally connecting with listeners and building/facilitating community.

 Christian radio is naturally more listener focused than any other format because of the mission behind it. Let’s think about how to use technology to make that relationship even deeper.


Scott Herrold is the Program Director & Morning Show Host for SOS Radio. (It’s a network of 35+ radio stations.) He was named one of Radio’s Best Program Directors by Radio Ink this year. He’s worked in both Christian & mainstream radio and he’s one of the founders of Edison Media Research also listed Scott as one of Radio’s 30 Under 30 Shining stars two different times.

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Big Opportunities For Radio

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Last week, Radio Ink published a story about how major car companies could pull AM/FM radio from their new car designs within the next to years. The good news is that General Motors & Ford are listening. They responded saying they generally do plan to keep AM/FM in their cars.

I was at that Convergence Digital Media Conference in Silicon Valley and there was a great discussion on stage with reps from the auto companies talking about how AM/FM radio could drastically change in the future with IP based audio. I do not believe radio is dead, but I think there’s some BIG things that we need to be aware of as we develop our strategy for the next 5 years. Click here for the my thoughts.

Surviving The Slump

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If you work at Starbucks and botch a few drinks because you have other things on your mind, a few people will have over paid for your mediocre work.

At Home Depot, you may get a talking to from the boss and a few customers will wonder ‘what’s up with this guy?’ Maybe a few boxes were stored in the wrong over hang compartment.

On the radio, our bad days get observed by thousands upon thousands.

Reality is, we are humans that have arguments with our spouses. We may fret over money. Insecure days happen. Internal discord around the office may take place. “What am I doing with my life days” hit you before a mic ever gets turned on. So now what? Take a sick day?

Be free to acknowledge that today may not be your day to secure your Marconi award.

Own it. (Click HERE for the full article)

Tackling The Grammys Day After

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There are so many schools of thought when it comes to American Idol, Grammys, Survivor (when it was at its peak) and highly rated shows.

Years ago i use to bring it up because it was highly rated.

A former morning host who was not a Survivor watcher once talked me out of this practice. When it felt like everyone was watching  (30 million an episode is a huge number)  Survivor … we’d bring it up and he’d just sit there in a void on the show cuz we’d lost him on our own show. Didn’t know names, contest, show premise, ect.

I realized he was like the thousands that didn’t watch the night before. They felt left out of your conversation cuz they weren’t one of the millions watching the show

But here’s the risk reward….  (Click here for the full article!)

Shotgun Marketing. No Thanks.

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We need to change their view of radio marketing. It’s not a shotgun approach anymore. It’s relationships. Basic technology can make our marketing plans very targeted today. You just have to make sure your show incorporates that targeted, personal approach. Don’t look at marketing as hype. Look at marketing as a strategic plan to build deeper relationships with your listeners.

Be an “introducer” rather than a megaphone. Be an “influencer” and share your heart. Be a “role model” who stands on God’s Word. Be a “friend” rather than a deal closer.  Marketing has shifted from billboards & broad shotgun approaches to listener engagement and influence. When you’re doing your show, make sure your approach reflects a personal relationship with your listener.

There’s a difference between building cume (total number of listeners) and building AQH (Average Quarter Hour) listening. The easiest way to build cume is to spend money on marketing or generate a huge buzz in the community. But building AQH is something you CAN do today for your show. It’s simply going deeper with your listeners. Make this a priority! Look for ways to invite more people in. Most radio personalities use their radio shows to promote their social media and websites. However, the most influential personalities have learned how to use social media to connect with potential listeners and bring them back to actually listen to their shows. There’s a huge difference. Give real content to the people who are already listening. Look for ways to use social media to engage potential listeners and bring them back to your show. Make it easy for casual listeners to get more involved. Invite them! Remind them! Welcome them! All of this can help facilitate community, and that makes your show personal & memorable.


Scott Herrold is the Morning Show Host for SOS Radio in Las Vegas & he’s the co-founder of He was named one of “Radio’s Best Program Directors” by Radio Ink this year.

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Breathing Room

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I built a castle without a mote.

We hear a lot nowadays about margin. I never dove into what the fuss was about until I realized it was meant for me.

My confession:

Somehow in I found myself consumed with roles I’d taken on.

Afternoons- JOYFM Florida


Middays- JOYFM Atlanta

Producer- Tucked in Media Film Company

Afternoons- The Q- Springfield/Worcester, MA

Evenings- HIS Radio Z – Greenville, SC

A&R- Reckless Grace Music

Devoted Husband and father of 3 little children.

I sat observing the list realizing why I have been sitting in doctor’s offices and therapist couches the past few months asking the question “whats wrong with me?”

I found the answer. That doesn’t mean I am fixed.  I just found the culprit.

It was around this time my boss Carmen Brown arranged an all staff spiritual enrichment meeting at THE JOYFM. That’s where the wisdom of Andy Stanley began to knock at my door.

I’ve read the Old Testament. I just never realized that God set up rules to protect our mental health thousands of years ago.

Search for the following, download to cd and listen to and from work:


I am in the process of implementing the truths laid out in this series… take a listen and enjoy the process of getting free and protecting the castle! Answer some of these questions about yourself.


A Child of the King- in the process of claiming hold of the abundant life set out before me