The Day After The Election

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This was a very close election. Regardless of who won, the candidates are not savior of our world. Jesus is. Our elected officials are facing a lot of big problems in our country, and it’s going to take all the parties working together to tackle the solutions. God is bigger than politicians, economic issues and our country’s moral code. Let’s set our eyes on God before they wander over to our problems.

Here’s a few thoughts to help us heal from the political dissension. Click here!

Christmas Brainstorm!

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If you missed the Christmas idea BRAINSTORM, you can find it on the Creative Inspiration page if you are a Creative Cardio member. We posted the audio from the entire 60 minute call! There were a TON of great ideas that came out of this think tank!

Sign up for a free trial of Creative Cardio HERE. On the next page, you can make a name & password & you will get instant access to a slew of fresh ideas & showprep!

Great Interview Ideas!

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Scott Herrold & Jayar Reeves did a session at the Momentum Conference about interviewing artists. Here’s a few clips they used! Feel free to save these & share them. (We have permission from the radio stations)

Chris Tomlin telling his crazy engagement story. Lies always lead to more lies!

Beth Bacall gets Laura Story to share that she is pregnant. She hasn’t even told her mom!

Mike Couchman does a unique teaser into a Toby Mac interview. It grabs your attention!

Beth Bacall has Brandon Heath do the Fish Family Name Game. A unique way to get the artist to open up!

When it comes to interviews, the most important thing a radio host can do is  showcase the “heart of the artist.” Help the artist connect better with your listeners & share their stories!


Most Faithful Listeners!

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Radio Online says listeners to Christian radio are the most faithful! The article cites new research from Mark Kassof & Company that reveals “Christian radio P1 listeners have the highest level of preference for the station they listen to most. Overall, 50% of listeners think their P1 station is “a lot better” than other stations they listen to. But of those who name a Christian station, that number is 73%.” Here’s a link to the full story!

Faith Can Drive Interaction

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Have you ever thought about making prayer a part of your radio station Facebook page?  If you look at the stats from Christian radio stations, the listeners interacts most with spiritual content on Facebook.

You might choose a time each week to ask your Facebook friends to post prayer requests on your page. Try to keep them all in one thread, so it’s a series of prayer requests. Then, ask your Facebook friends to LIKE the prayer request to let you know they prayed for that person!

In addition, make sure your other DJs LIKE those prayer requests too. It shows your staff cares. Have them post a link from their personal page over to your radio station page as well.

A ton of LIKES drives your weekly interaction with listeners up a LOT. Bottom line, you are connecting with a ton of new people outside of your regular circle of influence. When people click LIKE, it shows that on their page and some of their friends may see it.

Click here for info on how to see IF your posts are connecting. Look at your weekly interaction with your Facebook friends! It is so much more important than your total number of friends. If you have 100,000 friends, but only 2% of them interact with your page on a weekly basis, your social media plans are failing miserably. But, if you have 5000 friends and 25% of them interact with you on a weekly basis, you really are building a community!

Tell Stories In Your Own Words…

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Sharing your faith on the air can be tough! You want to speak truth and encouragement, but you don’t want to scare off listeners who are still investigating their faith.

At the Momentum Conference, Valerie Geller said, “The Bible has the greatest stories EVER told. There are stories that speak to EVERY element in the human condition. Tell those stories in your own words.”

What perspective do you have for the stories that have been told for thousands of years?

Listen to the words & themes in the songs you are actually playing. Tie into them! Encourage your listeners & share your heart in a loving way! Your listener comes to you for hope & encouragement. Give them what they came for and you will connect on a deeper level.