Lead Your Listeners

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“Good leaders create vision, articulate vision, passionately own the vision & relentlessly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch

You might think of leadership as something your boss does, or doesn’t do, but YOU are a shepherd to your community. Lead with the voice you have in your show. You have been given a circle of influence. Shepherd your listeners toward values & worldview. Cast vision toward your listeners!

What’s on HER Mind This Fall?

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This fall we all feel like we’re running at an unsustainable pace! If we’re not careful, our student’s schedule will affect our sanity as parents! All these clothes really add up. We bought new jeans back in August, but do I really need to buy new shoes already? (Are they growing that fast or are my kids just destructive? Sports physicals and new equipment again? I thought we bought new cleats in the spring. They already outgrew them? Hopefully my kid’s wont’ realize last year’s clothes are already out of style at this middle school. Lord give me a few more months please!

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The homework load seems much more challenging this year. Was it just backed up from everything our kids didn’t really learn this year or does Google Classroom just make it harder for me to follow along as a parent. My kids would appear so much smarter if they would just turn in the actual assignments they completed! Ahhh, common core. I miss good old multiplication tables! Brushing up on my long division because the kids might need help from me now that the first quarter is over! Yikes! Do I look like a cheater if I check our work with the calculator on my iphone?

Are my kids going to make better friends this year? What new influences do I need to be proactive about? How do I challenge my kids to make better choices in who they spend their time with? Who’s going to influence my kids this year? The teacher? The coach? Your pastor? Youtube? Friends from their soccer team? The TV? What role do I play in shaping all that? We have to be regimented again! We’re finally getting some order to our crazy life! Waking up on time, meals on time, making lunches and keeping cash for lunch money. What is our plan B if we forget our child’s lunch? What are the schools going to teach my kids this year that I don’t really agree with? (How am I going to be proactive about new agendas?) How will our family lay a foundation to address the tough social issues that don’t line up with our family values?

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Where’s the showprep?

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The ninjas at Creative Cardio specialize in idea starters! $40 gets you into thousands of prep ideas here!

We have a forum full of good news stories. We have dry artist audio you can use like interviews to add artist texture to your show. In addition we have fresh questions to build call in discussions. We have faith discussion starters, spiritual encouragement angles, and dry calls from listeners you can use to start a call/text discussion in your show! We send out a very looooong email full of showprep angles every week too.

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Share Stories Rather Than News

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Let’s rethink the way we do news on our show. Let’s start by investing in storytelling. Rather than give breaking information, let’s tell better stories. News can be divisive, but stories can be encouraging. News can divide and stories can bring listeners together. News has victims and stories have characters who overcome adversity.

If we do anything that is reoccurring on our show, we should have a well through out strategy for it. I think the key to making news connect is embracing your listener’s point of view . We’re not investigative reporters. We are personalities. Let’s use our strength as a way to tell better stories.

Are we doing news as a topic starter? Are we doing news to connect with trending/what’s on our listeners mind this morning?

Are we doing news to share a local point of view?

Are we sharing news from a Christian point of view?

Are we sharing news in order to be a breaking news source?

Are we sharing news as a source of faith stories?

Are we a consistent good news source to the encouragement that our listeners are hoping we can be? -Scott

Perspective: Holy Week

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Here’s a neat walk through Holy Week that might give you some rich content ideas. Use your storytelling skills! Think about the characters, the setting and the conflict in this story! Shine your camera angles in some new places with these stories!

“Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.”
― C.S. Lewis

We Specialize in IDEA STARTERS!

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Creative Cardio is an idea catalyst for showprep! Sure, we share great stories for your show, but Creative Cardio cultivates idea starters. We challenge you to think about the way you grab your listeners attention. We equip you to think about fresh ways to tell stories. We share distinctive angles everyday, so you can connect the heart of the character in the story, directly to your listener. Creative Cardio is rich with encouragement & acute angles to connect the emotions. Give it a try for $40! There’s no contract. You can cancel anytime. Dive in if you’d like to challenge your creativity!

How To Communicate Christ

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There’s a lot of different styles of communication in Christian radio. We have those that lean toward preaching, we have those that want to let the music be the message, we have those that focus on encouragement, and we have personalities that live life from a Bible centered worldview.

How do we communicate Christ to a culture that thinks it already knows all about Jesus?

We tell stories. We reflect his light. We share our heart. We invite people into community and we intentionally encourage.

God’s word does not return void. Rethink the content that you’re putting into your showprep this week. Intentionally frame the stories with heart, characters and encouragement.

Frame the heart of the artists you play. Tell stories with a point. Actually listen to the words in the music you’re playing.

Think about what a Christ centered world view actually is. Share what you’re learning. Share what you’ve been reading. A Bible verse isn’t a radio bit or a scheduled benchmark. It’s your source. Use it that way.

Choose to be an encourager. Think about how your pastor does sermon illustrations. He generally starts with a story that relates to someone in his audience  and he brings out a spiritual truth that’s related to it.

Ask callers or artists what they are learning, what they are reading & what their through process is in raising kids in this crazy world. Let them share God’s truths from their life.

Quote the people of the Bible directly. Instead of saying, “The Bible says….. or reading off a long verse and reference, try this to make it more personal to someone who doesn’t know much about the Bible:

Paul explained grace in Romans 8 – he said if God is for us, who can be against us….”

When King David wrote Psalm 119, he said…

In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, he explained….”

Jesus explained the difference between work and grace in Matthew 5. He said…..”

When you want to communicate God’s truth in your show, lead with encouragement. Speak to who your listener can become with a personal relationship with Jesus. Speak to the unique giftings, talents and raw potential you see. You’ve been given a circle of influence, so intentionally speak life into those people and they will come back tomorrow even if they don’t know Jesus….yet. – Scott Herrold