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How To Get Our Kids Talking!

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bubble makerWe want to have meaningful conversations with our kids, but when we ask lame questions, we just get one word answers! Ask open ended questions to stimulate a conversation. Have follow up questions ready.  Here’s some examples:

Tell me about the best part of your day.

What’s been the hardest part of this week for you?

Did your brother say anything that made you laugh today? What’s the funniest thing about your mom?

Which friends do you miss most from school?

What’s the biggest difference between this summer and last summer?

Tell me about what you read this week?

What’s the hardest video game we have? (Let’s play it together and maybe I can help!)

Who did you play with today? What did you play? Who won? (Why do you think they always seem to win?

What used up most of your energy today?

What did I promise you this summer that I haven’t delivered on yet?

What rules are different at school than our rules at home? Do you think they’re fair?

What’s on your bucketlist this summer? Give me your top 5!

What do you like most about our neighborhood?

What do you feel that God has been teaching you this week?

Can you show me something you learned (or did) today? (When you see your kid do something well, ask them to teach you how to do it!)

ONE Memorable Thing From Your Show

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Jimmy Fallon comes up with something memorable EVERY WEEK that seems to go viral. Have you ever thought about what you’re doing each week that’s actually memorable to your listeners? Can you come up with ONE thing?

Think about what you are good at. Maybe it was a memorable phone discussion with listeners? Maybe it was a memorable story with the right music & SFX that grabbed their heart? Maybe it was a silly bit with an artist you play? Maybe it was a hilarious St Patrick’s Day game?  Come up with ONE memorable thing from your show EVERY week and you will be a star. Put a clip from that memorable element in a recorded promo and on your website. It may be a serious turning point for your show…

Freshen Up Your Prep Routine!

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motorcycle_fastCreative Cardio is life changing show prep for about one dollar a day! A simple investment will change your show this spring & summer! Plus save you a ton of time in prep! There are no contracts so you can cancel at any time. Membership starts at $35 per month! You really have nothing to lose.

Click here for the pricing info and signup details.

Personalities from all over the country post and share ideas like:  Spirit 105.9, Boost 101.9, The Fish, 99.1 Joy FM, Reach FM, Way Radio, 91.5 WCIC, SOS Radio, 90,9 KSWP, 89.7 KSGN, 104.1 The Z, The Q 99.7m, 89.5 KVNE, Life 90.5, 88.3 The Journey, 89.7 The House FM, 94.9 Cincinnati, Arizona Shine, The Joy FM,  WGRC 91.3m, 95.1 Shine Fm, Spirit FM and many others!

How is CreativeCardio Different?

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CC_jesus_cardPersonalities from Boost 101.9/St Louis, The Fish/Portland, The House FM/Oklahoma, Shine 95.1, 897. KSGN, The Wind/Springfield, WCIC/Peoria and many others are contributing prep ideas inside this site! This is ideas shared by other personalities collectively. You share an idea, they share an idea. Then you make it your own so it connects perfectly with YOUR audience!

This community shares content ideas. This community challenges one another to think deeper. This community makes us more connective to our listeners.

While plenty of stations can probably be considered innovators, I do admire the community that is building. I love the idea of people coming together to learn from each other and share ideas. In the limited interaction I have with other radio talent, we’re all too often a bit closed-mouth about our creative processes. No one’s actually trying to steal the Colonel’s Secret Recipe. You don’t see that sort of protectiveness in the film industry. They create entire documentaries to show you their creative process. I’d like to see more of that among Christian radio professionals. Let’s help each other.”Obadiah Haybin, RadioU

“Hands down the best prep resource I’ve ever worked with is Creative Cardio. It’s DJ’s helping and sharing content with other DJ’s instead of a prep service with silly jokes and one liners.”Shannon Steele, KXOJ/Tulsa

“If you are in radio you need to check out with my friends Scott Herrold and Jayar Reeves. It’s an awesome collaboration of talent pooling ideas to help each other.”Pam Lundell, 98.5 KTIS

“I love that  this is a lot more than just showprep. Most spoon fed prep services make every show sound the same, with the same corny jokes and “this day in history” stuff, but Creative Cardio’s design builds your show into a unique product with lots of help from fellow folks. GREAT concept!Dan Young, SOS Radio