Showprep Strategy Ideas

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weather graphicGreat shows prep well. Prep isn’t a routine, it’s a strategy! Our prep should be engaging, connective and strategic. When we notice the bulk of our prep before a show is just copying and pasting paragraphs from websites, rewording magazine articles or copying your friend’s Facebook posts, you have to do a gut check.

Showprep strategy should include ways to bring better interactivity to our show. It should include questions. It should include intentional storytelling. It should include a plan to extend our discussion and point of view to our social media too! If you are an airtalent in 2015, social media IS a vital part of building your show. It’s your job even if your station has a full time social media manager. Here’s a list if ideas on how to build a new strategy for your prep! Click HERE!


Social Should Drive Listening

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tuner greyWhat’s the ONE memorable thing you did on your show this week? Grab the audio and share it on your website and on your social media pages! It’s so simple, but 90% of us aren’t doing it on a regular basis. Make it a part of your showprep. Here’s a couple ideas to help your show stretch further:

Use the schedule feature on Facebook to give potential listeners a teaser of what you sound like. Post 3 of your best calls or breaks edited together from a call in discussion on your Facebook page & Twitter. (Hootsuite is great for scheduling Twitter posts too) Think about how you can use your social media pages to encourage/invite friends to actually tune into your show!

Tease 3-5 songs that are coming up in the next 30 min. Post them on Twitter/Facebook. Just go delete them after that 30 min period has passed!

While you are on the air, post direct links to your radio station stream right in your social media posts! Explain what you are talking about on your show today and invite people to listen in. Give the DIRECT link so friends can find your stream in ONE click. That way they can stay on Facebook while the stream is open on a separate window.

Post the topics you will be talking about on your show about 40 min before you go on the air with them. Invite listeners to chime in before you go on the air with the topic. You will have some different angles & stories you can use when you explain the topic over the air.

Post as “yourself” on your radio station Facebook page. You help facilitate community when you are present inside the community. Live life alongside your listeners. Comment on your radio station’s posts and talk with your listeners inside your radio station’s “brand” page. When you post as a real person, people interact differently than they do with brands.

Let’s stop using our radio station just to promote our social media. Let’s work it the other way. Let’s think about how our social media can actually grab listeners and invite them to listen and contribute to our show!

Dream Big, Then Scale It To Reality

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Creativity isn’t just a gift, it’s a skill you can develop! There’s a process and it helps when you prep for it! Carving out time to think is the first step. It’s as simple as turning off your phone and closing your door to think. Sit in silence. Let your mind wander. You’ll know it’s starting to work when you feel like you have 20 other things you should be doing! Identify the problem that’s in front of you. Outline 5 typical/boring solutions and THEN add 5 totally crazy solutions! Just start writing anything related to your challenge. You see, crazy ideas work because you can always scale them back to reality later. So dream big, and worry about the details afterward. It’s much more creative to scale back wild ideas than to make boring ideas unique. That’s just putting lipstick on a pig!

Let the wild ideas flow. Think about what you would love to do if money & logistics were not a problem. Think about how you could reach new people. Think about how you could challenge your city. Think about the dreams and challenges that your staff would like to pursue. Dream big, and THEN scale it back to reality at the end. That’s how you develop the creative process!

What Is Creative Cardio?

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Shannon SteeleEach week, Jayar Reeves & Scott Herrold share idea starters inside the Creative Cardio community. It’s part brainstorm. It’s part showprep. It’s part discussion that fleshes out different angles on common seasonal themes. This is a great place to bounce ideas for your show and focus your raw showprep into connective angles for your listeners.

Join us by clicking here! It’s only $35 per month for a solo jock or $50 for a team show (3 logins) – There are no contracts, so try it and see how it helps jumpstart your show as you shift gears into this new season!

Brainstorm Audio! How To Do Better Storytelling!

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We all know that phone calls can slow down in the summer. We had a brainstorm with different CCM personalities sharing ideas on how to better connect with phone discussions and tell better stories. Personalities like Lisa Williams, Corey Mann, Ellis Feaster, Beth Bacall, Jaci Velasquez, Garrett Michaels and many others shared ideas! There’s about 45 min  of content ideas. Grab a pen and share this with your team!


Famous Last Words!

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I spent the last week with a bunch of great radio personalities at a conference. I can’t tell you how many times I heard the phrase, “I wear so many hats. It’s hard to find the time for my show.” Famous last words.

I think we have lost our sense of priority. We let management duties, music logs, website updates and schedules steal our original love for radio. We all got into radio in order to do a show! I know we’re all stretched in hundreds of directions each week, but the show has to come first. It’s the ONLY thing our listener pays attention to. Sending that staff memo during your show doesn’t really help your listener’s morning. Replying to the angry email while you are on the air doesn’t help the other 99,999 people who are listening. Updating your website can wait a few hours. Protect your show and it will flourish!

Click HERE for the rest of the article!

Here’s A Quick Way To Tell What’s Resonating!

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Take a look at your Facebook Insights page. It will tell you a lot about what is resonating with your listeners! If you’re set up as a “fan page,” it tells you exactly what content your listeners are reading, sharing & interacting with.  Sure, Facebook is a different content use than radio, but this page can tell you a LOT about your listeners. It says lots about why they plug into your radio station community. Use that information to tailor content for your radio show! Don’t just plug & play. Tailor it to communicate through the radio!

I intentionally post different styles & angles to give my page a multi dimentional feel. IE: questions, pictures, call in topics I’m using on the air, secular quotes, Bible verses, add a caption challenges, radio station happenings, Christian thoughts/quotes etc. (Click below to see what had the most clicks & shares!)

Tell The Truth In Your Own Words!

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“Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.”

 -C. S. Lewis

Just share the story in your own words & you will be original & creative!

Spring Show Topic Ideas!

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weather graphicWe did a group brainstorm this week with air talent from different stations across the country. Lots of GREAT ideas were shared for topics & bits for this spring! Click the link and you can listen to the full call if you’re a member.

Think graduation, Prom, Memorial Day weekend, end of school year, family vacation, summer camp, sports, Mother’s Day, family quality time, Cinco De Mayo, Vacation Bible School, weddings, childcare after school is out. Spring cleaning. Lakes/beaches/boating.

May and June can be some of the most expensive months of the year. Graduation parties, vacations, weddings. School fundraisers, cubscouts, soccer, baseball teams and dance recitals. Christian radio stations asking for donations. People using their tax returns as a down payment for a car  or vacation. Our routines totally change when school lets out. Childcare can be a serious stress each summer.  Pools, parks and splash pads. Picnics at the park. Family quality time over quantity of time.

If you’re a Creative Cardio paid member, you can listen to the full 45 min brainstorm call right here in the Brainstorm Archives!

Ideas To Freshen Up Your Show

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Shannon Steele

      Spring cleaning! Aircheck yourself this week and answer these questions:
      1. Who is your show actually trying to reach? Is that original target person the one that you are actually reaching? What results are you getting that seem to be a little different than what you are targeting?

2. How does your target listener use your show when you are on the air? (Is that person driving to work? Sitting in a cube at the office? Is she listening primarily in the car? Primarily at home?  Or primarily in the office? Is your target listener using your as background music? As a reconnect with God after a long day? As worship? As an information source? As entertainment?

3. When your listener pushes the button on her stereo for your radio station, what does she expect to feel? (Is your show delivering that intangible the way that your other team members deliver it?)

4. What role does hope and encouragement play in your show today?

5. What is your show known for? Does your show have a competitive advantage? What do your listeners feel when they plug in with your show for multiple days in a row?

6. What strengths does your show bring to your radio station?

7. How long does your average listener actually listen per day to your show? (Think about how your content connects or misses the mark in that setting)

8. What’s the best story you’ve told on your show this week?

9. What are three opportunities in your local market that your show can step up and serve in? How does your show demonstrate service?

10. Is there anything that your show can be #1 at? Is there anything in your market that you can do better than any other personality?