Great Calls Breed Better Calls!

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Come up with 2-3 simple questions each day in your show prep. When someone calls in to make a request/comment, ask them one of the questions you have prepared in your prep. Record every call! After you have 3-4 good answers to the question, use them in one of your slow hours. Set up the discussion on the air and play a great call right away. Invite listeners to be part of the show and share their feedback. Then come out of the next song with another great call to build momentum for the discussion.

Another idea is to start the very beginning of your show with a handful of calls you already have recorded. It could be a song request, a question about a concert or a topic that is relevant to the day. Use those calls to strategically engage more listeners to call in. Use sweepers with your phone number over the song intros in the general time frame after you play the recorded calls. (IE Call, song,  phone number sweeper, song, call, song to build momentum for a continued discussion)

Obviously you never want to play a lame call just for the sake of “interaction” on your show. Lame calls can kill ratings. We’re talking about using some compelling pre-recorded calls to strategically drive momentum at the times when you are ready to kick off an on air discussion. Fire the cannon!

Every Leader Needs This…

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“Young leaders (in their 20’2 & 30’s) are called, but not yet fully equipped!” -Brad Lomenick (Head of Catalyst)

Brad talks with Scott Herrold in this podcast about a changing of the guard in leadership w/ boomers & millennials. He talks about how we (as leaders) need to go out of our way to “honor” those who work with us. He also talks about visionary leaders vs leaders having vision. This should challenge you in the way you lead at work!

Questions Breed A Discussion

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CC_jesus_cardBefore I start my show each day, I write up a list of simple questions I can ask listeners who call into my show. (These questions are for people calling in to make song requests or ask questions about something they heard on the show) That way I can grab great audio from my listeners and use it to start a deeper discussion on the show. Simple questions like:

How did your team play this weekend?

Best show on TV right now?

How has your schedule changed since your kids went back to school?

Your biggest challenge as a parent this school year?

What activities do you have your kids in this year?

When I record listeners answering simple questions, I can build an arsenal of responses from real people. That way, when I’m ready to go on the air and start a discussion, I can simply play a quick call. It sounds so much better than asking rhetorical questions on the show or begging listeners to call in with a response.

Instead I can say something like: “I still can’t keep our schedule straight! The kids have been in school two weeks, but I need debrief from my wife each morning just to keep my sanity!” Then play a call from a listener saying: “Me too! I used to use my iphone to keep my calendar, but I went back to the old school daytimer book cause my calendar app doesn’t have enough lines!” Then I simply give out the phone number and we start a discussion about it. Multiple calls can build momentum. We always win when we make the listener the star.

One Question That Can Change You

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CC_jesus_card There’s a question you can ask everyday that will catapult your heart and your radio show forward. It’s a question that goes back to the very core of who you are and the very core of your radio station’s vision. I believe the place where the two connect can be your sweet spot.

God, what do you want to do through me today, to accomplish your vision for this radio station?

We all have passions, we all have gifts and we all have a calling. The disconnect is where our personal passions & calling don’t fall under the authority of our company’s big picture mission.  When our personal passion turns into an agenda, it can easily circumvent the big picture vision behind our radio station. We move forward when we’re all pulling on the same side of the rope.

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CCToolsBelieve it or not, out of the first 18 years of our child’s life, almost 6 and a half years of that time will be spend in school! That’s over 1/3 of their journey will be outside of our personal care! That challenges me as a parent to brainstorm new ways to supplement my child’s education and do a better job living out my values. It challenges me to make time each day to read with my kids and carve out time for their homework this year. It challenges me to step up and be a better teacher when I do have quality time with my kids.

Like Proverbs says, if “we train up a child in the way he should go, when he’s old he won’t depart from it.” We might not have specific control over each hour of our child’s education, but we do have influence & power when we pray for them each day! As parents we have authority over our family. Let’s make a point this year to exercise that authority in our prayers and our quality time with our kids! We can carve out the time! Let’s make it our back to school challenge! (Just an idea starter as we shift gears into a new season of family schedules and priorities. –Scott


August Idea Starters

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Here’s a sample of what’s inside our community! It’s $35 per month and it will save you a TON of time in prep! Join by clicking here! There are no contracts, so pay for a few months and see you it challenges your creativity for your show and gives you fresh ideas!

  • New article talks about college students getting credit for life experience! Name a college class that’s missing from today’s curriculum.
  • Apparently, after waiting in line in front of a careless mother and her screaming small child, a man who was having a bad say decided to ruin a family’s day. The child was screaming “I want that pie!” So the man bought up every last pie — all 23 of them — and walked out of the Burger King location, turning only to see the enraged mother and child, helpless as the cashier told them that the restaurant had just sold out of pie.
  • Have you ever done something out of anger in your past that you really regret now? Something that reminds you how much you’ve grown as a human being? (How you’ve changed over time?)
  • New routines. You have 4 kids & every practice/school activity seems to be on a different night of the week. There’s NO family time together. How do you schedule it? How do you strategize? How do you be fair as a parent without saying NO all the time?
  • What’s fair in a big family? How do you get comfortable with saying “NO.”
  • If I was responsible for creating today’s school curriculum I’d make sure kids knew how to_________. Click here for MORE FREE ideas!

Group Brainstorm Archives!

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We do a lot of group brainstorms for our Creative Cardio paid members!

If you are a member, here is audio & video of some of our recent group brainstorms about showprep strategy, pledge drive ideas,  recycling content, the art of the phoner,  addressing faith topics on the air, benchmark ideas, better artist interviews, Thanksgiving ideas, Christmas ideas & more! Our brainstorm archive page is here!

If you are not a member yet, it’s only $35 per month! You can sign up here! There is no contract, so you can cancel anytime! This site is full of idea starters that will give you your creative sanity back!