Connect: Web To On Air

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Jayar Reeves & Scott Herrold are available to lead your staff in brainstorming. They can help your airstaff connect what they do on the air with social media/web strategy. They can also help your web team to connect their plans better to your on air strategy. The Creative Cardio team is experienced in tailoring social media models & strategy to engage your listeners better in your community. We’d love to help your staff connect with they do on the web to what they do on the air!  We can show you how this drives ratings, revenue and relationships!


Jayar Reeves and/or Scott Herrold can visit your radio station in person, or lead brainstorming sessions online via Web Ex/Skype. It’s not as expensive as you think! Call us details at 702.287.2477 or email


Just 1 Thing

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So a lot of times when I post a blog/article thing… I am preaching to myself because I am learning as I go and writing about it.

So here we go again. The past couple weeks I have countered the feeling of being “overwhelmed” or “out matched” when it comes to certain things in my life.

  • Balancing the schedule of the day
  • Scheduling new bits and features for my main Florida show
  • Getting an oil change w/ zero gaps in the schedule
  • Rearranging our house and realizing that we have stuff filling the hall ways and no where to put it as we contemplate painting a room and moving it all again
  • Clearning the garage before snake/spider season

I could go on….  (I WILL when you click HERE for the rest of the article!)

We’re Using Social Wrong…

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Social media can drive people away from listening to your radio show or it can bring people to it.

Rather than using your radio show to constantly tell listeners to “go over to facebook and LIKE my page,” spend more of your energy thinking about ways to engage people who are already using Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest and bring them to your show.

People don’t use social media to interact with brands, they use social media to be social. They’re looking for conversation, for fun and for an introduction to people they would like to get to know better. Keep that in mind as you set out your strategy for using social media. There’s a huge opportunity on social media to bring listeners back to your show, but you have to develop a strategy that actually drives people to listen. (Here’s how to do that! Click here!)