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Here are some thoughts 
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Inspiration for your show today:

Be an encourager

Every story is a gift

Listen more that you speak

Blessed are the peacemakers.

Paul said, “People will know notice your spiritual growth by the fruit in your life.” (Love/joy/peace/patience/kindness/goodness/faithfulness/gentleness/self control)

Listen to the words in the songs you just played

Showcase the heart of your listeners

Reflect the lives and the love of others

What’s the most important story today? Have you addressed it?

What is your listener thinking about RIGHT now?

Talking to someone if different than talking at someone

Let the listeners talk

Use the statement, “I believe…” in your show today

If Christ be lifted up, he draws all me to himself

Look at me in the eye when you really want to communicate

Reflect the heart behind the music you actually play

Stand on God’s Word. Make the Bible your true moral foundation

How is your attitude matching your listeners?

Use more verbs than adjectives. Shock the broca! (Google it)

Think about where your listener actually is RIGHT now. Build that into your show.


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