Dream Big, Then Scale It To Reality

Written by Scott Herrold. Posted in Uncategorized

Creativity isn’t just a gift, it’s a skill you can develop! There’s a process and it helps when you prep for it! Carving out time to think is the first step. It’s as simple as turning off your phone and closing your door to think. Sit in silence. Let your mind wander. You’ll know it’s starting to work when you feel like you have 20 other things you should be doing! Identify the problem that’s in front of you. Outline 5 typical/boring solutions and THEN add 5 totally crazy solutions! Just start writing anything related to your challenge. You see, crazy ideas work because you can always scale them back to reality later. So dream big, and worry about the details afterward. It’s much more creative to scale back wild ideas than to make boring ideas unique. That’s just putting lipstick on a pig!

Let the wild ideas flow. Think about what you would love to do if money & logistics were not a problem. Think about how you could reach new people. Think about how you could challenge your city. Think about the dreams and challenges that your staff would like to pursue. Dream big, and THEN scale it back to reality at the end. That’s how you develop the creative process!

Scott Herrold

Morning Show Personality/Program Director/Creative Ninja at SOS Radio in Vegas.