Faith, Body AND a Radio Show

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I am young on paper, but I am learning one very clear fact about some things in life.

Some of the core parts of our lives and the pursuit of success in those core areas all have one common thread.
I know it sounds like a cliche spoken by a generation of men that are few and far between in today’s world… but there’s massive truth in those two words. (Click here for the full article)

To find “success” in spiritual growth I am learning that hard work must be applied. Although grace and mercy don’t take sweat, they are simply deposited in our accounts. It’s the closeness and communion with the Trinity that require an amount of sweat. Even Jesus raised his heart rate to climb a hill to sneak away with his Father. How much sweat am I putting into listening, praying, worshiping and mediation on God’s word?

To find “success” in the pursuit of a healthy body we all know just how much sweat this area of our lives requires. To relieve yourself of unwanted fat, one cannot simply burn the calories. The mouth needs to become a heavily guarded gate. Any food that passes through the guards must go through a TSA-like security check. Each food or beverage item comes with a DNA. In order to achieve your physical goals your mind must make a decision. The more positive decisions we make (that’s the sweat) the closer our goals get.

To find “success” in a radio show, we are all learning that hard work is the only way to do something extraordinary. In this day and age of radio it is becoming more and more vital that sweat is required to take a show from ‘coasting/winging it’ to the next level… which is a show that is memorable and talked about.
That’s one of the reasons Scott Herrold and I started We wanted to  help give the air personality tools to burn off the radio calories (aka apathy). But that’s not enough. We can have all the bits/phoners/ideas/usable calls in the world, but we must walk into that studio and put in the sweat. Magic happens when we add our game plan + natural ability + radio station vision + sweat and then we will find deeper connections with our listeners.

My grandpa was a WWII vet and he taught my Dad about hard work. My dad didn’t serve in Vietnam or any wars but he used the principles of hard word as a poorly paid price coordinator at a small grocery store for over 30 years. He hated his job the entire time, but he kept his job because no one could ever say that he did not accomplish the requirements of the position.

I wants success in faith, body and in my radio show… unfortunately I am not Superman. Putting in the work and sweat in all of these arenas is my one shot! They actually work together. Look at your foundation!


-Jayar Reeves

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