Her Expectations of Your Show

I asked listeners for feedback on why they “come to our radio station” and what their expectations are when they tune in each morning on our show. (These comments came from social media & calls while we were talking about this on the air.
I think this is a tangible reminder of the sort of things we need to make sure are part of our daily radio shows. Give her hope, encouragement, help her experience God and connect with him. Speak to her heart and into her life.
Rebecca: I expect to hear things that are going to lift me up and help get me in the right frame of mind.
Susan: Music reflects life. It encourages me with things that are GOD focused. It brings peace that I want something that speaks into my soul. It brings contentment.
Eric: You have to keep building yourself up with Jesus, or this world will sink you. So I tune into Christian radio to keep filling up my heart.
Michelle: Christian radio keeps me aware of my blessings. It gives me peace and touches every aspect of my life. Keeps me grounded and focused on God to navigate through my surroundings.
Jessica: I do most of my thinking while driving. It gives me hope, faith and un-clouds my mind.  Your show topics helps me cut through all the flawed logic that comes into my life. It keeps my faith strong.
Daysha: To get a good dose of love & hope each morning. It reminds us everything we do should be for the glory of God.
Jackie: It’s constant encouragement. I’m surrounded by discouragement. It’s nice to bring me back to the central closeness of Christ. Helps me refocus. So I can be the person I want to be and I can glorify him better.
Karen: SOS always brings me back to God. You remind me that he is faithful and he is with me. No matter what is going on you share hope.
Barb: The encouragement from consistent messages that brighten my day. Sometimes it’s the only bright spot in my day. Life gets in the way. I can plug back in here. uplifting messages, uplifting songs. Your radio station is helpful.

Michelle: The music. The drive to work is more positive and my overall frame of mind has changed.

Kim: helps me get focused when I head into work. I work with autistic kids. It helps me refocus and calms me down on my way home. God works through it.

Jason: When I bring my kids to school. They have predatory teachers. It’s good to know my kids are hearing scripture int he music they hear. It helps my kids attitude and mine too. I really believe God uses this radio station. No have no idea how when you put on a song how it will affect someone. God has done that with me so many times.

Shirley: It focuses me on what my purpose is and why I do what I do. I work child protective services. It helps me move forward with my life.

Tina: SOS is the only station I listen to. Without Christian I don’t know how I would get through my day. I use to listen to country but I have lost touch with even todays country superstars. I need my Christian music everyday.

Debby: When I feel I need to listen to something uplifting, a reminder that God loves me, is for me, and won’t abandon me. I also listen to Christian music because I like it and I never have to worry about objectionable words or lyrics my kids would hear. I don’t listen to just SOS, as I love all types of music with the exception of rap and heavy metal, but SOS is definitely a favorite! 🙂

Monica: It has increased my relationship with God…I am constantly praising his name. I’m reminded of his love for me. I’m reminded to pray for others. Filled with joy!!! Spending time with Him and you guys aren’t too bad to spend my day with either. God Bless you all.

Shannon: Every once in awhile , I try to listen to other music on the radio, but it usually isn’t long before something negative comes on and I would just rather sing along to music that praises God than songs about practically worshiping plastic cups or people cheating on their spouses.

Jana: I’m a teacher. My drive into school it’s calming to listen to your radio station. It helps me get into the right frame of mind. The more I listen, I feel like the Lord is in me. It sets my mind for the rest for the rest of the day.

Diane: I listen to SOS because it’s a light that shines. I expect to hear things that reflect God and build into my relationship with him.

Barbara: It’s Peace.  It’s Hope we need that right now. There is so much turmoil right now. It;s unity that we need and I feel we get that from your radio station that really builds a bigger community.

Kerri: It helps keep me focused on Him. Its an attitude adjuster.

Kelli: I listen cause it’s commercial free and the Lord is lifted up. I love the worship angle of what SOS does. If I be lifted up I will draw all men to me. I’m attracted to SOS because you do that.

Tanya: Aside from loving the music and message I hope that someday having it on in my car can help me stop yelling at all the bad drivers.

Denise: everything you do inspired HOPE and reminds me about HOPE

Brandon: It keeps me connected to our Lord with out the music it would be so much easier to sin I am reminded why I am on this place right now and that is to live for God.

Jenny: It’s so uplifting! Can’t tell you how much it blesses me to hear my kids sing the songs word for word and tell me “Jesus” songs are their favorite! 🙂

Jamie: Christian music brings a peace and joy to me that no other music can. I feel closer to my Savior and I can’t get enough of telling Him how awesome He is!

Susan: The words being sung almost seem to bath my mind & heart through the day no matter what’s happening ♥ your radio station reflects hope.

Nikki: To play music in the car my kids can listen to. Uplifting and creates dialogue.

Lorna: can’t go without the music, no matter what day i’m having you play a song to give me an answer or just plain Joy!!! keep up the good work.

Tania: For me Christian music reminds me of God’s character and how he has blessed me. It helps me to worship him. Also it reminds me of who I am in Christ. Without Christian music I don’t think my relationship with God would be as deep as it is. As for why I listen to sos it is to hear different christian songs and to be encouraged and share in some way in the lives of the djs.

Jason: I need to be immersed in Christianity as much as possible. Sure, the world is where we are to help the lost and we often deal with worldly settings when shining a light. I believe that we are to treat the world as a type of excursion and home is where Christ is. SOS is where my home is at work and on the road.

Shannon: It isn’t just the music, either.  It’s the hope that it brings into my life

Debbie: It feeds my spirit and improoves me mood.

Alicia: Life style and the community from you d.j ‘s and how you share and encourage and the listeners when they call in and share and post here on Facebook.

Please take some time and think about these comments. As you prep your show this week, look for more ways to deliver on what “Becky” says she is looking for when she tunes in. I think this can help us connect better and give her more of what she is really looking for!

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