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Social media can drive people away from listening to your radio show or it can bring people to it.

Rather than using your radio show to constantly tell listeners to “go over to facebook and LIKE my page,” spend more of your energy thinking about ways to engage people who are already using Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest and bring them to your show.

People don’t use social media to interact with brands, they use social media to be social. They’re looking for conversation, for fun and for an introduction to people they would like to get to know better. Keep that in mind as you set out your strategy for using social media. There’s a huge opportunity on social media to bring listeners back to your show, but you have to develop a strategy that actually drives people to listen. (Here’s how to do that! Click here!)

You are a person, but your radio station is a brand. Think about how you (as a person) can interact with your listeners through your radio station (brand/fan) page. Make a connection with the people who are also interacting on your radio station (brand/fan) page and bring them back to your show.

If your personal page is a “fan” page, you can still interact on your radio station fan page “as yourself.” When you are logged into your personal fan page, just go up to the top of your internet browser and physically type in the address of your radio station page, (like www.facebook.com/sosradio ) then click enter.  That generally will allow you to post on your radio station fan page as yourself. If it doesn’t work quite right, you might need to change a few of your “settings” if you are listed/not listed as an admin on your station fan page.

Posting with your personal profile inside your radio station page, allows you to interact alongside your listeners. This is great for adding comments and likes to things your radio station admin has posted. It also gives you an opportunity to have a daily dialogue with your listeners and remind them to plug back in with your show throughout the week. In PPM, we’ve learned that listeners who check back in with the radio station multiple times throughout the day drive a lot more ratings than those who just hang around for another 10-15 minutes.  Your regular interaction on social media while you are on the air, can bring listeners back to your show multiple times a day! Post your on-air questions, your request line and a direct link to the streaming player on your website. Re-purpose the things you are talking about on your show right now! Make your show multidimensional because personal contact does drive ratings.  In addition, when you comment & like things on your radio station page, that actually shows your interaction on your page too. Place your priority on “daily interaction” over the number of “likes” you have. Invite listeners on your social media pages to actually listen to your show!

Be part of your radio station’s online community everyday! It makes you approachable and personal with your listeners. Plus it builds relationships over time, and gives you an opportunity to invite your new friends to plug in, engage, and most importantly listen to your show. Community only works when you’re actually part of it.

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