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So a lot of times when I post a blog/article thing… I am preaching to myself because I am learning as I go and writing about it.

So here we go again. The past couple weeks I have countered the feeling of being “overwhelmed” or “out matched” when it comes to certain things in my life.

  • Balancing the schedule of the day
  • Scheduling new bits and features for my main Florida show
  • Getting an oil change w/ zero gaps in the schedule
  • Rearranging our house and realizing that we have stuff filling the hall ways and no where to put it as we contemplate painting a room and moving it all again
  • Clearning the garage before snake/spider season

I could go on….  (I WILL when you click HERE for the rest of the article!)

So lately I started writing these words on my day planner “JUST 1 THING”

It really worked!

Preparing for my big spring ratings contest “Cell Phone Superstar” is a monster task. In order to atleast feel like I had a shot of getting ready for this month long bit… I started encouraging myself through notes to do “Just 1 thing” each day to try and pull it off.

I am ready as of Friday this week because I did 1 thing every day to accomplish this task.

I am now going to apply the same mentality to getting the garage in order.

Then I am going to apply the same discipline to the studio… I want to get better and better at airing bits that have been edited and edited even more before they hit the air. I have been upset with myself in the studio when I listen to a bit airing and I hear loads of stuff going through the speakers that should have been chopped down.

Rather than continuing to get down on my studio habits… I decided that tomorrow I am going to focus on 1 bit that needs further choppage… in the hopes that I’ll find it addicting and stop wasting the listeners precious time.

Wish me luck!


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