Not Addition, It’s Multiplication

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“The thing about ideas is that they naturally inspire new ones. This is why places like Silicon Valley or Elizabethan England tend to become more productive and innovative than those who don’t. Because when ideas are shared, the possibilities do not add up – they multiply!

-Paul Romer, Economist.

Good ideas breed better ideas! When we share our stories, they develop depth & value! Community affects creativity. When we collaborate & share, we naturally challenge others.  Plug in and share your perspective on the call in topics/bits & spiritual idea starters in the forum!

Creative Ideas For Your Show

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Here are some thoughts 
to inspire some creativity as you put your show together today!! Click HERE.

In addition, we have TONS for phoner topics, bits and idea starters inside our Creative Cardio community. Click HERE to check out the community for FREE for a month! 

If you want to continue after that, it’s only $35 per month! When you pay for your own membership, you also give a free membership to a younger jock! It could be an intern or weekend jock. It could be a friend in another market with no budget.

Together, we can develop the next generation of Christian radio personalities.

Challenge Your Creativity

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Creative Cardio is looking for culture makers who want to challenge the status quo! We’re looking for talented people who want to connect better with their listeners. We’re looking for leaders who want to mentor others.

Bottom line, we’re looking for creative people who want to lead the way in Christian radio.

Creative Cardio is about brainstorming, collaboration, mentoring, storytelling  & strategy.  It’s about developing a show that fits your company’s vision and helps you live out your life over the air. It’s also about encouraging & helping newer radio jocks too!

(Click here to learn more about the Creative Cardio community!)

The Comic and the Jock

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Over the past few years I’ve really started to research the life of a standup comic. I think I was drawn to it because I have made a living doing the same thing in a sense.

There’s some kind of rush I get when I can make my audience laugh. It’s like a super power. But it’s not that easy. And comes w/ huge risks.

The ability to take something 99% of the world sees as they walk by and turn it into this thing that can cause the 99% to think… ‘oh yeah… I did see that!’

So turn this process and put it into the Christian radio format. (Click here for the rest of the article)

Simple Game Changer.

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The way people connect with other people online is much different than the way people connect with brands. You are a person, but your radio station is a brand! Make sure your social media plan reflects that!

Here’s over a hundred ways brands are using Facebook to connect & go deeper.

Just think about WHY people want to connect with you on social media. (To be social! )

As a person you connect one on one, but as a brand you can help facilitate community. What’s your strategy?