August Idea Starters

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Here’s a sample of what’s inside our community! It’s $35 per month and it will save you a TON of time in prep! Join by clicking here! There are no contracts, so pay for a few months and see you it challenges your creativity for your show and gives you fresh ideas!

  • New article talks about college students getting credit for life experience! Name a college class that’s missing from today’s curriculum.
  • Apparently, after waiting in line in front of a careless mother and her screaming small child, a man who was having a bad say decided to ruin a family’s day. The child was screaming “I want that pie!” So the man bought up every last pie — all 23 of them — and walked out of the Burger King location, turning only to see the enraged mother and child, helpless as the cashier told them that the restaurant had just sold out of pie.
  • Have you ever done something out of anger in your past that you really regret now? Something that reminds you how much you’ve grown as a human being? (How you’ve changed over time?)
  • New routines. You have 4 kids & every practice/school activity seems to be on a different night of the week. There’s NO family time together. How do you schedule it? How do you strategize? How do you be fair as a parent without saying NO all the time?
  • What’s fair in a big family? How do you get comfortable with saying “NO.”
  • If I was responsible for creating today’s school curriculum I’d make sure kids knew how to_________. Click here for MORE FREE ideas!

Group Brainstorm Archives!

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We do a lot of group brainstorms for our Creative Cardio paid members!

If you are a member, here is audio & video of some of our recent group brainstorms about showprep strategy, pledge drive ideas,  recycling content, the art of the phoner,  addressing faith topics on the air, benchmark ideas, better artist interviews, Thanksgiving ideas, Christmas ideas & more! Our brainstorm archive page is here!

If you are not a member yet, it’s only $35 per month! You can sign up here! There is no contract, so you can cancel anytime! This site is full of idea starters that will give you your creative sanity back!

Finding Your Voice

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graphic awkward weatherHere’s a very interesting article that might spark something with you. It’s about how a few rock artists originally found their voice. (Feist, Snowbling & AroarA)

This article made me think about what we do as personalities. We share from our heart. We have a point of view on our world and the music we play. We have a platform in our listener’s minds, where they allow us to speak into their lives.

What are we really saying that matters to them & actually moves them?

Think about the worldview you hold. Think about your values. Think about the lense you use to look through the music you play. Look at the way you love your listeners. Look at the way you communicate with callers & friends on social media. Look at the way you share your heart on tough subjects when you talk to a friend.

I don’t want to add to the noise in our culture. I want to use my voice to say something meaningful.  I want to speak life and be part of the community that my listeners love.




Make It Personal

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When you’re not finding anything fresh in your prep, ask yourself, “what are the top 3 most important news stories to my target listener?”

What are three things that are actually on her mind today? Think about how you can make these things personal. Think about how you can incorporate your world view to frame the story, to re-tell the story in your own words, or to make this story about the people it affects.


Put yourself in the shoes of the person that the story is about. Think about that person’s struggles & fears and how you can be an encourage for that person. It’s always a great angle for a slow news day. It makes your point of view personal!

Less Prep Is More Family Time!

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CCToolsTime is money. Time spent in prep at home is time away from our family! The members of the community will give you time back every week. It’s simple. Thousands of idea starters are already posted in our community, and our members post new ideas every day.

There’s always fresh content coming in, but the real growth comes when we each post comments/ideas on the topics of others. Together we focus and connect raw ideas into compelling stories, call in discussions, social media posts and on air content angles.

When you’re a member of you elevate your creativity and connect with your listeners in new ways. Join the revolution! Click here. $35 gives you more family time every week.

Faith, Body AND a Radio Show

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I am young on paper, but I am learning one very clear fact about some things in life.

Some of the core parts of our lives and the pursuit of success in those core areas all have one common thread.
I know it sounds like a cliche spoken by a generation of men that are few and far between in today’s world… but there’s massive truth in those two words. (Click here for the full article)

Wrap Our Heart Around The Show

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Heart. It just might be the one thing that can transform your show. It might be more important than anything you’re doing on your own strength. Heart drives everything that comes out of your mouth, so it should also play a huge part of your strategy.

Heart drives values. It drives passion and resilience. Heart connects with everyone, when it’s authentic. We just don’t hear much of it on the radio. We hear stories. We hear bits, we hear calls, we hear branding messages and liners, but heart is something that we feel.

Click here for the full article!