Faith Can Drive Interaction

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Have you ever thought about making prayer a part of your radio station Facebook page?  If you look at the stats from Christian radio stations, the listeners interacts most with spiritual content on Facebook.

You might choose a time each week to ask your Facebook friends to post prayer requests on your page. Try to keep them all in one thread, so it’s a series of prayer requests. Then, ask your Facebook friends to LIKE the prayer request to let you know they prayed for that person!

In addition, make sure your other DJs LIKE those prayer requests too. It shows your staff cares. Have them post a link from their personal page over to your radio station page as well.

A ton of LIKES drives your weekly interaction with listeners up a LOT. Bottom line, you are connecting with a ton of new people outside of your regular circle of influence. When people click LIKE, it shows that on their page and some of their friends may see it.

Click here for info on how to see IF your posts are connecting. Look at your weekly interaction with your Facebook friends! It is so much more important than your total number of friends. If you have 100,000 friends, but only 2% of them interact with your page on a weekly basis, your social media plans are failing miserably. But, if you have 5000 friends and 25% of them interact with you on a weekly basis, you really are building a community!

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