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I woke the other morning and had a revelation from Heaven!

Nothing like waking up with a bit idea that you know will be remembered forever by your audience! (Or so you thought)

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With my wife and kids visiting family in Texas for 10 days, I decided to use the situation as a bit.

I planned to share a slow dance over the phone with my wife on the air (“God gave me you” of course.)

Having my target audience driving home listening to this bit and saying “ahhhhh how romantic!”

In the end it was a jumbled confusing irritating bit.

I could read the face of each person that walked by the studio window.  “Hope you know what you are a doing buddy”.

It bombed horribly.

Decided to leave the studio and collect myself. In 5 minutes I was able to grab a cup of joe and get back to the basics. I had 2 hours of show left.

The simple reboot allowed me to get back to basics. Finished with 2 brilliant hours.

I guessed wrong on what I thought was going to be a home run bit. It happens!

But then what? I am learning the art of viewing the show as a whole as a heavy weight fight. I’ll get knocked down and pushed against the ropes once in awhile. But how does a jock respond to those moments where something just doesn’t work the way it was planned.

I think I need those disappointing moments. For some reason they have a way to re center me from time to time. When it happens I focus on hitting singles consistently.

The home runs will come in time.

-Jayar Reeves

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