Self Promotion

We’re all given a certain amount of hours in a day.  Some of us have more pins to juggle than others. In our business, it’s very easy to allow one of those pins to be labeled “self promotion.” Don’t waste your time!

I spent too many years in my career promoting for selfish/prideful reasons.

Let’s get back to the basics. If I put effort into something, what am I hoping to get out of it? What’s actually important?

As an air personality… 2 things matter:

1) Is my show (overall) accomplishing the big vision set out by my company?

2) Am I spending enough of my energy connecting with my listeners on a personal level? How do I connect better THIS week without taking a generic shot gun approach?

I learned a tough lesson. It’s fool’s gold to spend time/energy showcasing my work to fellow air personalities/future bosses/record rep friends. That time could have gone to family, exercise, God, or even relaxation (to avoid burn out.)

Make it personal. He who works smartest wins.  Reflect your listener’s life.

If my real work is focused on my listeners, I will eventually connect. That’s what wins. Let’s do a better job making #1 and #2 (above) the priority.

A case can also be made for the efforts a jock spends focusing his 3000 Facebook friends. Make sure you’re connecting your online efforts back to your show.

Worry more about your 250,000 cume rather than the 43 people that will actually click on the audio you posted. (Especially when that mp3 took 30 min to put together!)  Re-purposing audio is great, but not at the expense of your original show.

Work smarter. If your show didn’t connect over the radio, it probably didn’t connect any better over social media. Make a better effort to deeply connect with your listener.


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