September 2016

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Here’s new audio: Joel and Luke of For King and Country on the following: A) Talk about Priceless the movie B) You are not a new band any more and what does it like to have MEGA fans, does it get freaky? C) Talk about that moment where Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter surprised her mom on the show by singing Priceless with you D) Would you encourage your future children to pursue music or ministry or would you steer them away based on what you know?

Inspirational caller … woman just loves the station

Great phoner… great calls- Weirdest thing you ever purchased on Amazon

Dry Calls- Things you learned from youtube!

Elon Musk of space X/Tesla wants to colonize Mars. Here’s some dry call starters about the idea of moving there…

Sheryl from filming in for Bob this week with a produced review of the new film “Storks”

Dry audio from Mark of Casting Crowns on the following:
1) Medical update about the cancer
2)How did it make you feel when billboards went up saying #pray for mark
3) DNA of “One Step Away”
4) DNA of “Hallelujua”
5) Do you get more of a kick out of writing a congregational song or a radio song?
6) DNA of “Oh My soul”
7) Greatest moment from the road in Crowns history

Dry calls- why don’t we have pumpkin spice _________?

Here’s a movie review about the Hillsong: Let Hope Arise movie. By Scott Herrold

Here’s audio from NY Times Best Selling Author John Bevere talking about how we live today affects our eternity.
John wrote a book 10 years ago called Driven By eternity. And in celebration of the anniversary, you’re releasing a special expanded edition on October 18th! Here he is talking about living with an eternal mindset over an American mindset.

Based on the story of Vlad Putin being arrested at a Florida grocery store… did you grow up w/ a famous name?

Random song requests

Bob of with a produced review of the new film “The Wild Life”

Zach Williams on how he came to Christ and about the song “Chain Breaker”

Bob of on the new film Sully (Tom Hanks stars in this one)

Stephen King says his wife was the unsung hero behind his career. Who was the unsung hero behind your success?





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