Creative Cardio is all about challenging your creativity!

Jayar Reeves & Scott Herrold are available to lead your staff in brainstorming or in ways to connect what they do on the air with social media/web strategy. The Creative Cardio team can tailor social media models & strategy to engage your listeners better in your community. We love to help your staff connect with they do on the web to what they do on the air!  We can show you how this drives ratings, revenue and relationships!

We can visit your radio station in person, or lead brainstorming sessions online via Web Ex/Skype. It’s not as expensive as you think! Call Scott for details at 702.287.2477 or email


The Creative Cardio team also provides other services:

Artist media training for record labels.

Speaking at conferences

Setting up a podcast for your show in iTunes (Just a $50 charge)

Facilitates brainstorming sessions for radio stations & other ministries.

Social media/web strategy for artists & radio personalities.

Artist CD launch promos/product launch commercials & long form interviews.

Coaching for new air personalities.

Contact us for more information. 702.287.2477

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