Showprep Strategy Ideas

Written by Scott Herrold. Posted in Uncategorized

weather graphicGreat shows prep well. Prep isn’t a routine, it’s a strategy! Our prep should be engaging, connective and strategic. When we notice the bulk of our prep before a show is just copying and pasting paragraphs from websites, rewording magazine articles or copying your friend’s Facebook posts, you have to do a gut check.

Showprep strategy should include ways to bring better interactivity to our show. It should include questions. It should include intentional storytelling. It should include a plan to extend our discussion and point of view to our social media too! If you are an airtalent in 2015, social media IS a vital part of building your show. It’s your job even if your station has a full time social media manager. Here’s a list if ideas on how to build a new strategy for your prep! Click HERE!


Scott Herrold

Morning Show Personality/Program Director/Creative Ninja at SOS Radio in Vegas.