Tackling The Grammys Day After

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There are so many schools of thought when it comes to American Idol, Grammys, Survivor (when it was at its peak) and highly rated shows.

Years ago i use to bring it up because it was highly rated.

A former morning host who was not a Survivor watcher once talked me out of this practice. When it felt like everyone was watching  (30 million an episode is a huge number)  Survivor … we’d bring it up and he’d just sit there in a void on the show cuz we’d lost him on our own show. Didn’t know names, contest, show premise, ect.

I realized he was like the thousands that didn’t watch the night before. They felt left out of your conversation cuz they weren’t one of the millions watching the show

But here’s the risk reward….  (Click here for the full article!)

If someone in your audience was one of the 30 million… they are loving your analysis and attention you are giving to something they were zero’d in on.

But the down side is a big down side. the other massive chunk of your audience that didn’t watch is lost and you are risking losing them! (changing dial position)

If you take the plunge… make sure you are mega entertaining and limit the insider talk.

You’ll basically need to cater to those that didn’t tune in… meaning… set up everything w/ brilliantly painted pictures that transports the listener that didn’t watch the show into this new day after radio recreation

Just some food for thought… because it was highly rated… doesn’t mean its day after content.

-Jayar Reeves

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