The DJ Is Like A Race Horse

There’s a thousand things fighting for our listener’s attention. We have to be more strategic and focused if we want to grab that attention.

It’s time to treat our bodies the way horse owners treat their prized phillies before a big race.

This year, I started preparing my body to be at its best for the 2 most listened to hours of my show. My audience is at its highest points between 345 and 545pm in Tampa. Because I am aware of that, I can plan my attack.

Coffee makes me hyper after enough doses, so I plan a strategic coffee regiment that begins at 330pm. It takes 30 min for caffeine to hit the blood stream. I find that 3 cups in, I am alert and thinking outside of the box. So I make sure that it’s hitting my blood around 415. The early hyperness leads to better calls and ideas, which carries me through the 530 crash.

I don’t eat a big lunch. The carbs seem to zombify me at a moment when I should be firing on all cylinders. Apples, energy bar, orange, banana, trail mix are all swell replacements, so I’m not starving while working.

Facebook is the devil when we are on the air. Don’t do showprep in the studio either. Come in prepared! Drop the fantasy football/ web surfing while you are on the air. You are on the radio to connect with your listener. Pay attention to her while you are in the studio – not the internet!

Protect your time on the air. The simple things have a massive impact. You have to commit to succeed. Remove the obstacles and connect in a better way.


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