The Personalization Era

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This is the era of personalization. Somehow we have evolved into a society that deeply values personalization. The world must know who we are individually and we will gladly hand over our time and money to show you.

Let me start with a small list

It began simple:

Shoes, Hair, Clothes, Car, Music… Then it blew up! Click here for the FULL ARTICLE.

Myspace background/song

Sports team apparel.

College football logo’s plastered all over a vehicle that never  drove anywhere near the campus.

Cell phone case

The church you attend comes out early in a conversation about God

Computer you own… Mac/PC

Jesus Fish/ WWJD


I’m from Texas, Cali, NY, Boston, “The South”, Chicagoland

Radio station

The gym I pay $11 a month to

My child goes to this school and won an award. Thus he is smart which makes me a good parent.

13.1 or 26.2

Saltlife sticker draped across the back of your truck (Florida bait company that became a brand that represented a proud Floridian)

Bracelet fad (livestrong)

24/ AI/ Office/Lost/Survivor/Heroes/House

I’ll stop there.

The epidemic is full blown

So the other day when I saw a JOYFM sticker on a new Dodge Caravan I was actually quite humbled.

A car owner has been so tattooed/moved by our product that she/he decided to tell the world ‘this is who I am’. They  wore us as part of who they are.

I see them everywhere. For some reason my eyes saw another dimension this time.

It got me thinking with my air personality brain.

So we’ve done great to motivate a large portion of our region to add us to their personalization list.

But what about me as jock?

My job is to keep people listening. To add value to the overall product.

How can I look at my presentation and make sure that I am adding the right ingredients into the mix so that my audience considers my shift to be a part of who they are. A lofty goal for sure.

3 major ingredients in my opinion.

  1. Make me laugh from deep in my gut once in awhile
  2. Move my soul to the place where I am connected with the Spirit.
  3. Never become white noise. If you do. You’ll become just like those other radio DJ’s and thus I have no need to personalize my life with your presentation.

How to pull off that off? There’s the challenge.

Work hard. Eyes open. Passion gage full.

Eventually you’ll hear the words “That’s my DJ!!”

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