Idea Starters?

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Creative Cardio is part brainstorm and part showprep. Sure, we share great stories for your show, but cultivates idea starters. We challenge you to think about the way you grab your listeners
attention. We equip you to think about fresh ways to tell stories. We share acute angles everyday, so you can connect the heart of the character in the story directly to your listener. Creative Cardio Showprep is rich with encouragement &
camera angles to connect the emotions.

How Creative Cardio works. The bulk of our content is in our Idea Starters Forum inside We have thousands of faith angles & idea starters to share hope and encouragement. This is also a place to find seasonal content for your show. In addition, we have a space full of discussion starters for phone conversations or discussions with a partner on the air. That’s our Dry Artist Audio Page & Dry Calls Starters Page.

We have a Members Only Facebook Group where we post lots of content daily. In addition, we send out a weekly Idea Starters Email on Sundays to help frame your strategy for the week. This email is FULL of showprep stories and idea starters tailored for the specific season ahead. Each week we share dry audio from Christian artists & authors. We have a page dedicated to dry audio from artists & authors you can 1. use to start a discussion, 2. use like an interview or 3. play as quick clips to add texture to your show. Edit these up and use them with your style! We also have a separate page for discussion starters from listeners. You can use this dry audio to setup a discussion on your show anytime. In addition, there’s a page full of dry audio for pledge drives! If you’d like to do a 30 day trial, email us!

Scott Herrold

Morning Show Personality/Program Director/Creative Ninja at SOS Radio in Vegas.