What’s on HER Mind This Fall?

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This fall we all feel like we’re running at an unsustainable pace! If we’re not careful, our student’s schedule will affect our sanity as parents! All these clothes really add up. We bought new jeans back in August, but do I really need to buy new shoes already? (Are they growing that fast or are my kids just destructive? Sports physicals and new equipment again? I thought we bought new cleats in the spring. They already outgrew them? Hopefully my kid’s wont’ realize last year’s clothes are already out of style at this middle school. Lord give me a few more months please!

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The homework load seems much more challenging this year. Was it just backed up from everything our kids didn’t really learn this year or does Google Classroom just make it harder for me to follow along as a parent. My kids would appear so much smarter if they would just turn in the actual assignments they completed! Ahhh, common core. I miss good old multiplication tables! Brushing up on my long division because the kids might need help from me now that the first quarter is over! Yikes! Do I look like a cheater if I check our work with the calculator on my iphone?

Are my kids going to make better friends this year? What new influences do I need to be proactive about? How do I challenge my kids to make better choices in who they spend their time with? Who’s going to influence my kids this year? The teacher? The coach? Your pastor? Youtube? Friends from their soccer team? The TV? What role do I play in shaping all that? We have to be regimented again! We’re finally getting some order to our crazy life! Waking up on time, meals on time, making lunches and keeping cash for lunch money. What is our plan B if we forget our child’s lunch? What are the schools going to teach my kids this year that I don’t really agree with? (How am I going to be proactive about new agendas?) How will our family lay a foundation to address the tough social issues that don’t line up with our family values?

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Scott Herrold

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