Reward Your Air Team W/ Time Back!

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Sometimes we forget how overworked our air team is. Everyone’s wearing more hats at the radio station than they did before the pandemic. How about giving your team some time back with showprep help?

$40 per month would be lifechanging for one of your hardest working talent! Sign up HERE or call 702.287.2477 to charge by phone. (There’s no contract, you can cancel anytime no questions asked!) Give your team time for creativity!

We also have packages to give access to your entire airteam too!

Why Don’t My Phones Ring?

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Building a phone discussion is a lot more strategic than asking your listeners a boring question! It’s about inviting them into a conversation that’s already happening. It’s about compelling them to take time out of their busy morning because they have something to contribute. Try making statements in addition to asking questions. Think about new statements you can use to personally invite your listeners to call and contribute! People respond to statements that make them think! People respond to statements that are bold. Use dry calls, recorded voices of other people on staff, and recorded audio clips to spark a discussion! Pick up the phone and actually call back those listeners who text into your show and grab some audio. Encourage people to call and encourage one another! Remind them that their voice matters! If you need help, just sign up for Creative Cardio. We have an entire page full of listener clips you can use as call starters in your show today! $40 could change the texture of your show! 

Idea Starters?

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Creative Cardio is part brainstorm and part showprep. Sure, we share great stories for your show, but cultivates idea starters. We challenge you to think about the way you grab your listeners
attention. We equip you to think about fresh ways to tell stories. We share acute angles everyday, so you can connect the heart of the character in the story directly to your listener. Creative Cardio Showprep is rich with encouragement &
camera angles to connect the emotions.

How Creative Cardio works. The bulk of our content is in our Idea Starters Forum inside We have thousands of faith angles & idea starters to share hope and encouragement. This is also a place to find seasonal content for your show. In addition, we have a space full of discussion starters for phone conversations or discussions with a partner on the air. That’s our Dry Artist Audio Page & Dry Calls Starters Page.

We have a Members Only Facebook Group where we post lots of content daily. In addition, we send out a weekly Idea Starters Email on Sundays to help frame your strategy for the week. This email is FULL of showprep stories and idea starters tailored for the specific season ahead. Each week we share dry audio from Christian artists & authors. We have a page dedicated to dry audio from artists & authors you can 1. use to start a discussion, 2. use like an interview or 3. play as quick clips to add texture to your show. Edit these up and use them with your style! We also have a separate page for discussion starters from listeners. You can use this dry audio to setup a discussion on your show anytime. In addition, there’s a page full of dry audio for pledge drives! If you’d like to do a 30 day trial, email us!

No Shotgun Marketing!

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We need to change our view of radio marketing. It’s not a shotgun approach anymore. It’s relationships. Basic technology can make our marketing plans very targeted today. You just have to make sure your show incorporates that targeted, personal approach. Don’t look at marketing as hype. Look at marketing as a strategic plan to build deeper relationships with your listeners. By the way, you do have to carve out budget to pay for marketing if you want to reach people who aren’t already listening to you!

Be an “introducer” rather than a megaphone. Be an “influencer” and share your heart. Be a “role model” who stands on God’s Word. Be a “friend” rather than a deal closer.  Marketing has shifted from billboards & broad shotgun approaches to listener engagement and influence. When you’re doing your show, make sure your approach reflects a personal relationship with your listener.

There’s a difference between building cume (total number of listeners) and building AQH (Average Quarter Hour) listening. The easiest way to build cume is to spend money on marketing or generate a huge buzz in the community. But building AQH is something you CAN do today for your show. It’s simply going deeper with your listeners. Make this a priority! Look for ways to invite more people in. Most radio personalities use their radio shows to promote their social media and websites. However, the most influential personalities have learned how to use social media to connect with potential listeners and bring them back to actually listen to their shows. There’s a huge difference. Give real content to the people who are already listening. Look for ways to use social media to engage potential listeners and bring them back to your show. (Use some of your marketing budget to highlight your connective content on social media & Youtube.) Show people what you do, and invite them to come back and actually listen to your radio station. Make it easy for casual listeners to get more involved. Invite them! Remind them! Welcome them! All of this can help facilitate community, and that makes your show personal & memorable. -Scott Herrold

FREE Ideas For Your Show

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We send out FREE idea starters for your show every month! Join our email list if you’d like us to send them your way!

Our paid members receive an email every SUNDAY night filled with perspective on how their listeners are living their life THIS WEEK. It’s specifically tailored to the coming week!

Follow along with our adventures!

Grab Your Listener!

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Economy of words is KEY in breaking through our listener’s busy life. Let’s be honest, we all over explain. Take 10 minutes and listen to one of your airchecks this week and look for the spaces you could have used more words with meaning, so you can have less filler. Use VERBS instead of adjectives. (Verbs are action words, while adjectives are descriptors)
Look for the ways to grab our listener’s attention in the first 15 seconds of EVERY break. Yes, every break should have a grab right up front because our listeners are distracted. Headline where you are going, so you can grab the listener’s attention right off the bat. After you intentionally grab their attention, dive into the story/the content/the spiritual thought or the discussion question. Start with a bang by grabbing the listener’s attention FIRST. That’s how you cut through in your show.
Intentionally use words with meaning! The Wizard of Ads, Roy H Williams explains how here. Cut the clutter by using more VERBS and start with something that will grab our listeners in every break.  

-Scott Herrold

Lead Your Listeners

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“Good leaders create vision, articulate vision, passionately own the vision & relentlessly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch

You might think of leadership as something your boss does, or doesn’t do, but YOU are a shepherd to your community. Lead with the voice you have in your show. You have been given a circle of influence. Shepherd your listeners toward values & worldview. Cast vision toward your listeners!

What’s on HER Mind This Fall?

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This fall we all feel like we’re running at an unsustainable pace! If we’re not careful, our student’s schedule will affect our sanity as parents! All these clothes really add up. We bought new jeans back in August, but do I really need to buy new shoes already? (Are they growing that fast or are my kids just destructive? Sports physicals and new equipment again? I thought we bought new cleats in the spring. They already outgrew them? Hopefully my kid’s wont’ realize last year’s clothes are already out of style at this middle school. Lord give me a few more months please!

radio showprep

The homework load seems much more challenging this year. Was it just backed up from everything our kids didn’t really learn this year or does Google Classroom just make it harder for me to follow along as a parent. My kids would appear so much smarter if they would just turn in the actual assignments they completed! Ahhh, common core. I miss good old multiplication tables! Brushing up on my long division because the kids might need help from me now that the first quarter is over! Yikes! Do I look like a cheater if I check our work with the calculator on my iphone?

Are my kids going to make better friends this year? What new influences do I need to be proactive about? How do I challenge my kids to make better choices in who they spend their time with? Who’s going to influence my kids this year? The teacher? The coach? Your pastor? Youtube? Friends from their soccer team? The TV? What role do I play in shaping all that? We have to be regimented again! We’re finally getting some order to our crazy life! Waking up on time, meals on time, making lunches and keeping cash for lunch money. What is our plan B if we forget our child’s lunch? What are the schools going to teach my kids this year that I don’t really agree with? (How am I going to be proactive about new agendas?) How will our family lay a foundation to address the tough social issues that don’t line up with our family values?

Need fresh idea starters? Join the Creative Cardio showprep community for $40 per month! Try it HERE! You can cancel anytime.