Dangerous Prayers For Your Show

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the role prayer plays in our development. I’ve been thinking about the authority we have in our community because we have a personal relationship with God as our Lord and Savior. I’ve been thinking about how most of our growth happens in the hard times that push us outside of our comfort zone. There is SO MUCH MORE to “thoughts and prayers” because Jesus gave us the authority to approach God the Father directly in conversation.

You are a part of a united team of communicators and passionate Jesus followers who want to change your city! Even if you simply do a voice tracked show, please know that what you share today matters to people craving a spiritual experience in your city! A lot of people are plugging into your show this week looking for hope and encouragement and you get to deliver on that! Live or voice tracked, what you share today matters to hurting people in your city! Through your voice and your faith, lives are being changed. People working in dark spaces are being encouraged and Jesus is being reflected from the life you share on the radio in your city!

“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it, and not in the one who says it, our prayers DO make a difference!” – Max Lucado

If you feel like you’re in a rut, or your creativity just hasn’t been firing on all cylinders this summer so far – pray a dangerous prayer!

“Lord use my words this week. Jesus, what do you want to do through me to accomplish your vision with this radio show?”

“Lord, how do you want to use me to connect the values behind SOS Radio to our listeners?
Holy Spirit, if there is anything I’ve been doing that’s distracting people from growing in their relationship with you or blocking that connection, please move it, even if it hurts.”

“Lord, I invite you to use my voice and move me outside of my comfort zone. Will you use my voice this week in spite of my pride, my personal life and my shortfalls in faith?”

Lord, if there is anything that’s blocking our relationship from flourishing, I’m ready to confess it. I’m ready to study and work through it. I’m ready to own it. I’m ready to grow and put down roots…”

“Jesus, help me to better understand the values you set in place when you started this radio ministry. Show me a fresh revelation of the role I play in the unity of this radio team. Remind me what you see in me! Show me a glimpse of my potential! Lord, how can I best frame your values and passion when I’m hosting a radio show here today?”

Holy Spirit show me a fresh revelation of the role I play in the stationality here at this radio station… because I want to help this ministry grow! I also want to grow in my faith while I serve with this team!”

Pray a dangerous prayer and watch how God works through your show, AND renews your passion for lifechange in our cities. I’m so glad you are on this team and we get to do significant kingdom building work together!
Every revival starts in prayer. I hope that is a significant part of your daily showprep.

“Lord, what do you want to develop in my show this summer? If there’s anything I’m doing to block that connection, please move it.” -Scott Herrold / Creative Cardio

Why Don’t My Phones Ring?

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Building a phone discussion is a lot more strategic than asking your listeners a boring question. It’s about inviting them into a conversation that’s already happening. It’s about compelling them to take time out of their busy morning because they have something to contribute. Try making statements in addition to asking questions. People respond to statements that make them think. People respond to statements that are bold. Think about new statements you can use to personally invite your listeners to call and contribute! Use dry calls, recorded voices of other people on staff and recorded audio clips to spark a discussion! Pick up the phone and actually call back those listeners who text into your show and grab some audio. Encourage people to call and encourage one another! Remind them that their voice matters! If you need help, just sign up for Creative Cardio. We have an entire page full of listener clips you can use as call starters in your show today! $40 could change the texture of your show! 

Grab Your Listener!

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Economy of words is KEY in breaking through our listener’s busy life. Let’s be honest, we all over explain. Take 10 minutes and listen to one of your airchecks this week and look for the spaces you could have used more words with meaning, so you can have less filler. Use VERBS instead of adjectives. (Verbs are action words, while adjectives are descriptors)

Look for the ways to grab our listener’s attention in the first 15 seconds of EVERY break. Yes, every break should have a grab right up front because our listeners are distracted. Headline where you are going, so you can grab the listener’s attention right off the bat. After you intentionally grab their attention, dive into the story/the content/the spiritual thought or the discussion question. Start with a bang by grabbing the listener’s attention FIRST. That’s how you cut through in your show.

Intentionally use words with meaning! The Wizard of Ads, Roy H Williams explains how here. Cut the clutter by using more VERBS and start with something that will grab our listeners in every break.  

-Scott Herrold

What’s on HER Mind This Fall?

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This fall we all feel like we’re running at an unsustainable pace! If we’re not careful, our student’s schedule will affect our sanity as parents! All these clothes really add up. We bought new jeans back in August, but do I really need to buy new shoes already? (Are they growing that fast or are my kids just destructive? Sports physicals and new equipment again? I thought we bought new cleats in the spring. They already outgrew them? Hopefully my kid’s wont’ realize last year’s clothes are already out of style at this middle school. Lord give me a few more months please!

radio showprep

The homework load seems much more challenging this year. Was it just backed up from everything our kids didn’t really learn this year or does Google Classroom just make it harder for me to follow along as a parent. My kids would appear so much smarter if they would just turn in the actual assignments they completed! Ahhh common core. I miss good old multiplication tables! Brushing up on my long division because the kids might need help from me now that the first quarter is over! Yikes! Do I look like a cheater if I check our work with the calculator on my iphone?

Are my kids going to make better friends this year? What new influences do I need to be proactive about? How do I challenge my kids to make better choices in who they spend their time with? Who’s going to influence my kids this year? The teacher? The coach? The youth pastor? Youtube? Friends from their soccer team? The TV? What role do I play in shaping all that? Let’s reset our plan so spiritual growth doesn’t get eclipsed by the common core homework, baseball practice and PTA meetings. Have any of my son’s friends changed over the summer, but I didn’t notice? God give me discernment here. What can I do to help my kids make better choices regarding friends? Is that even possible? How do we as a family define what a “great friend” actually is? How is emotional maturity building into my child’s friendships? this year? Keeping everyone on schedule.

We have to be regimented again! We’re finally getting some order to our crazy life! Waking up on time, meals on time, making lunches and keeping cash for lunch money. What’s our plan B if we forget our child’s lunch? What are the schools going to teach my kids this year that I don’t really agree with? (How am I going to be proactive about new agendas?) How will our family lay a foundation to address the tough social issues that don’t line up with our family values? Do I need to get to my kids before the teacher does? Or should I just respond when the problems arise? ( I need to get my kids thinking about what a Christ centered worldview is!)

Cell phones in school. How can we take control over the phone use & screen time before it becomes a problem? There’s just so much fighting its way into their screens. How can I make my kid’s lunches more nutritious? (they jsut come home and snack all afternoon. Do they trade what I give them anyway? Is my kid’s cell phone charged? (Should I buy a couple of those external chargers on Amazon so they can’t use the excuse that their phone was dead when I needed to get a hold of them after school?) Time to hit up Costco and load up on breakfast stuff. My grocery bill just went WAY up this fall now that breakfast back into the mix! ( I don’t think my kids had a meal before 11am all summer)

Influences feel strange today. Social issues screaming through the news, YouTube & ever TV sitcom has an agenda anymore. How do I filter all the propaganda being fed to my kids? (the Bible says “Where sin abounds, grace abounds so much more”) How do I focus on hope over fear this year? What’s the plan this year if/when one of our children get sick? (Working parent’s dilemma) I better start praying for some carpool buddies in our neighborhood! How are we going to get our kids engaged back into church this year? our family schedule hasn’t exactly gelled with the church calendar much this semester. How do we get our kids talking about making more friends in our church community? I want to carve out some margin in our family schedule so church/youth group doesn’t get eclipsed by our schedule/homework/sports. What am I doing to build into my spiritual health so I can start the day with hope? As the fall schedules starts, it always affects our childcare schedule. (What am I going to do after school? How will this affect our family budget?) With all the homework, I have to monitor my kid’s screen time on the pc/mac/ipad/laptop. What’s a realistic screen time limit in 2021? Phone plans are getting more expensive, groceries & heating prices are going up. If we’re not careful, this winter’s heating bill could rival the cost of our car payment!

When I wake up early, I notice how important it is to keep positive messages front and center or I start my day with a dark cloud. The negative news, the gossip and fear driven stories affect my outlook on the day. Maybe I should plug in with my Christian radio station to set my attitude first thing in the morning? What memories will my kids make this year that will last a lifetime? Will this be the year that they make those life long friends? How can I help them start strong with a great attitude? Need fresh idea starters, join the Creative Cardio showprep community for $40 per month! Try it HERE! You can cancel anytime.

Scott Herrold & Jayar Reeves