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Let’s not deny it. Life is not full of mountain top moments.
Whether it’s your life, diet or radio show, there are down times. Maybe we should  protocol for the down times?
I experience this a lot in my life long diet. When I binge I binge hard! I’ve started to learn the art of recognizing when I am in my binge phase.

Here’s my thoughts on what we can do to make a shift!

I believe it is beneficial to recognize the binge AND the down time.
I have not run in 2 weeks. I notice that I gained weight. Binge has ensued. As I recognize the binge is happening, I can make a shift before my goals move out of control. I am trying something I have never done. Cheat… but cheat smart. Controlling portions in the midst of the binge is something I have never done.

How does this relate to radio?

I have had moments on my show where I will go 3 weeks feeling like I am the worst jock in the country and I need to find a new line of work because I couldn’t engage an audience if I was on PED’s! It happens! So recognize you are in the slump. Even when your performance has been sub par, you can still win the day! Shift!

Often when I find myself mid slump, I find myself playing small ball. I get back to the art of dominating a 10 second intro. It’s like a base hit. Let’s face it… the down side of being a home run hitter is that at some point you stop hitting homers for awhile. Its not fun feeling you cant do your job effectively but maybe we can embrace the slump and take that opportunity to try some new things. I mean lets face it… if you feel you can’t hit home runs any more you may as well try a new angle and just get on base!
When you hit your slumps… take a whole show and focus on killing the song the intro.
Experiment and try something new in your down times.
It’ll lead to growth as a jock and in your weakness you may just stretch yourself to go somewhere you never would have gone if you were still killing it.

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