Crowder – Milk & Honey Audio

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Crowder’s new project Milk & Honey releases This Friday – 6/11/21. Here’s dry interview audio from Crowder you can use in your show! Feel free to re-word the questions to your own style.

Tell me how the Milk & Honey theme ties together the songs you’ve been writing recently? Audio here!

The DNA of Good God Almighty Audio here!

Growing up in Texarkana, what did the dog days of summer look like for you in high school? Audio here!

Through the pandemic, you wrote songs with friends like Dante Bowe, Tommee Profitt & Maverick City Music. Sometimes you plan to write one style, but when you put friends in a room together, God moves you all in a different direction. It feels like “Anchor” is a new song that isn’t just about truth, but how Jesus actually restores our soul? Audio here!

Were you involved in orchestra or choir in high school, or did your love for music develop later in life? Audio here!

Sweet Jesus is a song about singing in Jesus name. What have you learned about why there is power in His name? Audio here!

You lived in the house where Dr Pepper was invented in Texas, how did you even find that home? Audio here!

Capitol CMG has posted some resources with pics, devotionals & liners on the Capitol CMG radio page here! (Pictures & audio shared with permission from Capitol CMG)

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