Great Calls Breed Better Calls!

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Come up with 2-3 simple questions each day in your show prep. When someone calls in to make a request/comment, ask them one of the questions you have prepared in your prep. Record every call! After you have 3-4 good answers to the question, use them in one of your slow hours. Set up the discussion on the air and play a great call right away. Invite listeners to be part of the show and share their feedback. Then come out of the next song with another great call to build momentum for the discussion.

Another idea is to start the very beginning of your show with a handful of calls you already have recorded. It could be a song request, a question about a concert or a topic that is relevant to the day. Use those calls to strategically engage more listeners to call in. Use sweepers with your phone number over the song intros in the general time frame after you play the recorded calls. (IE Call, song,  phone number sweeper, song, call, song to build momentum for a continued discussion)

Obviously you never want to play a lame call just for the sake of “interaction” on your show. Lame calls can kill ratings. We’re talking about using some compelling pre-recorded calls to strategically drive momentum at the times when you are ready to kick off an on air discussion. Fire the cannon!

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