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CC_jesus_cardBefore I start my show each day, I write up a list of simple questions I can ask listeners who call into my show. (These questions are for people calling in to make song requests or ask questions about something they heard on the show) That way I can grab great audio from my listeners and use it to start a deeper discussion on the show. Simple questions like:

How did your team play this weekend?

Best show on TV right now?

How has your schedule changed since your kids went back to school?

Your biggest challenge as a parent this school year?

What activities do you have your kids in this year?

When I record listeners answering simple questions, I can build an arsenal of responses from real people. That way, when I’m ready to go on the air and start a discussion, I can simply play a quick call. It sounds so much better than asking rhetorical questions on the show or begging listeners to call in with a response.

Instead I can say something like: “I still can’t keep our schedule straight! The kids have been in school two weeks, but I need debrief from my wife each morning just to keep my sanity!” Then play a call from a listener saying: “Me too! I used to use my iphone to keep my calendar, but I went back to the old school daytimer book cause my calendar app doesn’t have enough lines!” Then I simply give out the phone number and we start a discussion about it. Multiple calls can build momentum. We always win when we make the listener the star.



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