Surviving The Slump

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If you work at Starbucks and botch a few drinks because you have other things on your mind, a few people will have over paid for your mediocre work.

At Home Depot, you may get a talking to from the boss and a few customers will wonder ‘what’s up with this guy?’ Maybe a few boxes were stored in the wrong over hang compartment.

On the radio, our bad days get observed by thousands upon thousands.

Reality is, we are humans that have arguments with our spouses. We may fret over money. Insecure days happen. Internal discord around the office may take place. “What am I doing with my life days” hit you before a mic ever gets turned on. So now what? Take a sick day?

Be free to acknowledge that today may not be your day to secure your Marconi award.

Own it. (Click HERE for the full article)

It will free you up!

Don’t check out completely though. Your audience deserves something!

Lately, when I have had my fill of the day but I have hundreds of thousands of listeners awaiting something… I have forced myself into a new routine.

I acknowledge that there will be no home runs today.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t hit a series of singles.

Sorry for the sports metaphor, but challenge yourself on the days you are ready to go home before the shift even starts to keep it simple. When you are fed up, spend your few hours on the air shooting small. Focus on the basics if you’re not in the zone.


Grab a station liner and find a way to say in a way you’ve never said it.

Stay short, but get focused.

Pre tape a break and produce it as you air it. There’s a better chance you’ll sound better after you’ve heard what you were going to say.

Play more music.

Grab an aircheck online from another jock you respect. Take a little inspiration to get your juices flowing.

Listen to the words in your songs.

Call another radio personality and record a quick conversation that you can use on your show. It’s a great way to get a topic started.

Live to fight another day! (Just don’t check out completely!)


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