Finding Your Voice

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graphic awkward weatherHere’s a very interesting article that might spark something with you. It’s about how a few rock artists originally found their voice. (Feist, Snowbling & AroarA)

This article made me think about what we do as personalities. We share from our heart. We have a point of view on our world and the music we play. We have a platform in our listener’s minds, where they allow us to speak into their lives.

What are we really saying that matters to them & actually moves them?

Think about the worldview you hold. Think about your values. Think about the lense you use to look through the music you play. Look at the way you love your listeners. Look at the way you communicate with callers & friends on social media. Look at the way you share your heart on tough subjects when you talk to a friend.

I don’t want to add to the noise in our culture. I want to use my voice to say something meaningful.  I want to speak life and be part of the community that my listeners love.




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