The Comic and the Jock

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Over the past few years I’ve really started to research the life of a standup comic. I think I was drawn to it because I have made a living doing the same thing in a sense.

There’s some kind of rush I get when I can make my audience laugh. It’s like a super power. But it’s not that easy. And comes w/ huge risks.

The ability to take something 99% of the world sees as they walk by and turn it into this thing that can cause the 99% to think… ‘oh yeah… I did see that!’

So turn this process and put it into the Christian radio format. (Click here for the rest of the article)

Forget your company or GM for a brief second and view yourself as an entertainer for the moment.  At the end of the day we are standup comics at our core. We get paid to create mental/emotional/audible/spiritual responses out of humans.

The term broadcaster drives me nuts. Anyone can broadcast.

The entertainer is the gladiator!

We stand in the ring  challenging the odds! Every break has great risk/reward attached to it.

All this to say… disect your craft. How are you taking each break as if its your shot in front of 200 critics at the Improv in LA?

How can you own them as if they are in the palm of  your hand?

For me this process of  viewing life and wondering how to put it in my ‘act’  has me re-evaluating everything in my show.  The imaging of my time slot. My delivery. My bits. My 10 second intro’s and calls. All of it must be taken serious. The comic can’t hide on stage behind 3 mintue songs. When a joke  bombs… they must own it and move on quick. We have time to perfect our stage moments! Are we using them to hit the mark?

Last point… I am amazed by the talented Zach Galifianakis

Last night I was watching this documentary called “I am comic” and a few other comedy specials. To see Zach at a piano with his long pregnant pauses and witty lines made me think… This guy is using what he’s got to shape his craft! Years ago he probably thought his piano skills were pointless. Til one day it dawned on him to use it to connect with an audience. This led me to brainstorm my own show… what things do I do well at this moment that can be infused into my ability to spur emotion from my audience?

It’s a process, but passion for this form of art is what keeps us searching for the answers.

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