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Creative Cardio is looking for culture makers who want to challenge the status quo! We’re looking for talented people who want to connect better with their listeners. We’re looking for leaders who want to mentor others.

Bottom line, we’re looking for creative people who want to lead the way in Christian radio.

Creative Cardio is about brainstorming, collaboration, mentoring, storytelling  & strategy.  It’s about developing a show that fits your company’s vision and helps you live out your life over the air. It’s also about encouraging & helping newer radio jocks too!

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Two years ago at The Momentum Conference, Jayar & I overheard a group of radio personalities expressing how our industry lacks creativity. We heard comments like:

Too many unspoken rules… no support from  our management to try new things…”

“No other air talent to network with or share ideas…”

“My company just wants me to dumb it down & talk less…”

“My bosses don’t know how to motivate or challenge creative people…”

“Where will we find new radio personalities in ten years? No one is mentoring & helping them…”

Sure there’s a lot of layers to that onion, but we’ve all been there. Let’s be honest -there are few opportunities for Christian radio personalities to challenge their creativity.

We’re jocks. We know that great personalities live their lives out over the air.  We know that great personalities focus on their listeners and the community. We know great personalities take risk.

We want to bring the art back to radio, while still respecting the science. is a forum to help inspire and challenge your creativity. We’re a group of radio jocks who thrive on innovation. We’ll share bits and phone topics. We’ll facilitate discussions to help us all execute better phone topics and interviews. We’ll give you an opportunity to bring in hungry, new talent to our community. We’ll even hold monthly creative sessions over the phone or video conference.

If you’d like to try out Creative Cardio for FREE for a month, just click HERE. If you decide to continue, it’s only $35 per month.


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Scott Herrold

Morning Show Personality/Program Director/Creative Ninja at SOS Radio in Vegas.

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